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Welcoming Holy Cross Catholic Primary School to our workshop

outdoor playground equipment for schools

Crafting unique playground equipment takes a special skillset, and our team of designers take great pride in what they create. So, when the staff and pupils of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School came for a visit, we were keen to show them what we can do.

The pupils had their own private tour of our workshop in Wigston, and they had the chance to see the different steps involved in making our playground equipment. Our design team demonstrated how they put together the various components of outside equipment, giving the pupils plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

At Red Monkey, we pride ourselves in only using the highest quality materials available, and that the schools we work with know exactly where these materials have come from. Holy Cross’s pupils showed great interest as we explained how we choose our materials and why the environment is an important part of that choice.


We then let the fun commence by giving the pupils a chance to become Red Monkey designers themselves. With our team on hand to supervise, the pupils learnt some of the techniques used on each piece of equipment we make.

Taking this learning on board, the children were able to safely partake in some wood drilling themselves, and it was lovely to see our workshop full of happy little workers!

It was very rewarding for the Red Monkey team to see how enthusiastic the pupils were during the activities, and how proud they were when they saw their finished results.

Encouraging school children to develop their abilities and work together as part of a team is at the heart of what we do at Red Monkey Play. Giving Holy Cross’s pupils the opportunity to learn something outside of the normal classroom environment was a great experience for our team.

We’d like to say a huge well done to the pupils at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School for listening to our team and for working so well while at our workshop.

We’re always keen to meet with the schools that we work with, and our workshop doors are always open. If you’re interested in providing your pupils with a school visit that involves fun activities and education, please contact us on 0116 366 9922 or email and we’ll arrange a visit!

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