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Why You Should Consider Outdoor Gym Equipment for Your Pupils

Our outdoor gym equipment for schools will give your children a fun space to enjoy playing outside of the classroom, whilst also providing a great way of using your PE and Sport Premium Funding. Prioritising physical education in your school is essential for the well-being and development of your students. 

So why is school outdoor gym equipment so important? Not only are pupils encouraged to orientate their activities to help improve their health, but the school’s use of the funding will also raise the standards of learning and achievements in sports, which will help the long-lasting legacy in your school of improving children’s health routine.

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Red Monkey Play Goal

We know that physical activity and the development of students’ intelligence are strongly linked, reason why we take this idea into all of our playground design projects. Our range of outdoor gym equipment for schools includes climbing frames and trim trails, which encourage physical activity and development in a fun way.

All of our best children’s outdoor play equipment is aimed at furthering their learning, that’s why we have a range of equipment aimed at developing the senses or areas where they are free to roleplay and develop social skills. This development occurs outside of traditional classroom settings, as we believe that learning never stops and that encouraging a number of different ways to learn will greatly benefit students.

While we have more traditional climbing frames, trim trails, and other outdoor gym equipment for schools, we wanted to be able to create things that are outside the standard playground. To complement our more traditional structures, we’ve started to produce specific gym equipment ranging from strength outdoor fitness equipment to cardiovascular playground equipment.

What Children’s Outdoor Gym Equipment Does For Your Students

The main aim of installing our outdoor gym equipment for schools is to help increase the fitness levels of your students. There is a difference between our outdoor playground equipment and our specialised outdoor gym equipment. While our outdoor play equipment will help develop students through physical activity, it doesn’t necessarily increase fitness levels to the same extent that gym equipment does. These pieces of equipment (such as climbing frames) encourage learning and cognitive development over fitness. Children do this through sensory experiences and opportunities to role play in the spaces.

Our specialised range of outdoor gym equipment is specifically designed to improve fitness levels, and they offer a lot of diversity for your PE lessons. They are especially useful for primary school students who have a lot of energy and are at a vital stage of developing their coordination. Our outdoor gym equipment for schools allows them to channel all that energy in a fun and exciting ways!

We always ensure that students can explore these spaces safely, that’s why when installing any piece of gym equipment, we carry out intensive safety checks to make sure that there is a safe playground surfacing around the equipment in case of a fall. This allows you to confidently let students explore the space themselves, without the need for constant supervision, giving them ample chances for discovery during their play.