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Take Learning to All New Places With Our Outdoor Classrooms and Shelters

Our outdoor classrooms and shelters provide an engaging outdoor space for children to listen, learn and collaborate. Taking teaching outside keeps children engaged, and nothing gets a child more excited about learning than taking them out of their normal environment. Our outdoor classrooms & sail canopies for schools can also be used as shelters or reading areas where children can feel comfortable to relax.

Why Outdoor Play

We always seek to improve a school’s outdoor environment as we believe firmly in the philosophy of outdoor learning. We normally do this through outdoor play equipment, such as climbing frames or clamber stacks. There is a lot of science behind why outdoor play is so good during the development of children. 

Outdoor play enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise, fresh air and activity. There is something fundamentally healthy about surrounding yourself in an outdoor environment. Children who engage in lots of physical activities at school tend to partake in more energetic activities at home, while children who have childcare and school experiences that lack active physical activity engage in more sedentary behaviours in the home, such as watching TV and computer use.

Children who learn to enjoy the outdoors have a much higher likelihood of becoming adults who enjoy hiking, gardening, jogging, bicycling, mountain climbing or other outdoor endeavours. This means outdoor learning supports two areas, overall health and general environmental sensory development. We must all learn to care for and protect the environment and exposing children to the natural world through outdoor play can really help the future.

What We Offer

Playing outside helps children to develop their learning abilities. By putting educational equipment outdoors, children are soon learning through play, which is a fun way of helping children to learn new information and skills. As well as this, outdoor learning encourages children to think of learning is an ongoing process instead of just something done in the classroom.

We at Red Monkey Play aim to encourage children to play outdoors as much as possible throughout our range of outdoor equipment. To compliment our climbing frames and more traditional playground equipment, we also have a fantastic range of outdoor classrooms and shelters. 

Our outdoor classrooms, or ‘earth pods,’ are the perfect way to combine the outdoors with structured classroom learning. Versatile by nature, it can be transformed to suit many scenarios: a reading snug for quiet time or outdoor classroom for a sheltered and engaging learning zone outside of the traditional classroom.

Alongside a dedicated space for a class, we create less structured outdoor spaces and shelters. This includes amphitheatres, where children can get in touch with their dramatic side and act out situations as well as canopies which seamlessly extend learning spaces to the outdoors. 

We also create a fantastic treehouse. This outdoor shelter was perfect for the Delves infant and nursery ecozone that we designed and created for this school. Large enough to hold a class of children, the lookout platform allows them to observe their surroundings high within the trees, perfect for when you want your children to have the chance to take in their area.

There are numerous health benefits to playing outside. With more room to play in, children are often more active when outside, which helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels, while also enabling them to burn off extra energy and calories. As well as this, being in the sunshine, even in winter, means children naturally absorb vital vitamin D, a lack of which can lead to Rickets.

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Let us transform your outdoor spaces with our outdoor classrooms and shelters. We help seamlessly combine learning spaces out the outdoors. We can book a free consultation where we can show you exactly how we’ll create your bespoke outdoor spaces with our consultative playground design service. Experience on our website exactly what we have done for other schools with our case studies. Get in touch today!