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Why Red Monkey Play?

Learning Development Specialists

We are learning development specialists who design, manufacture and install outdoor wooden play equipment for schools and nurseries

Inspired Playground Design

Our Playground Design ensures everything we do is designed to stimulate children’s learning through curiosity, imagination and excitement

Developing Skills and Play

We focus on developing skills and reaching learning goals with fun, fantastic and freeing playgrounds.
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Types of Playground Equipment

Red Monkey Play sells a wide range of equipment for nursery and primary schools. All our equipment is manufactured and installed to order for your school. Our playground design service is truly bespoke. We aim to provide high-quality outdoor play equipment for schools that help all ages and abilities. Some examples of the types of playground equipment we sell are:

Climbing frames are synonymous with outdoor school playground equipment. They would likely be present at every school in the country. They can provide a great space for children to explore and develop social skills. They can also be installed and implemented incorrectly. Not only can they be made out of cheap materials and installed in dangerous ways, but they may not encourage student development in the correct ways. We do playground equipment the right way.

Our climbing frames provide students with the chance to develop their sensory skills as well as their role playing skills. With our woodland range of equipment, we give them varied surfaces and textures to stimulate their senses as well as giving them this new and exciting setting to act out games in.

Physical development is a vital part of a child’s early years. Outdoor playtime should serve as both a fun time for students to make memories as well as an educational time. By blending a range of equipment together, we are able to seamlessly integrate play and learning.

Using both timber and rope, Red Monkey’s adventure units have been innovatively designed. They aim to replicate a natural, challenging and enjoyable play environment. They encourage children to develop balance, coordination and imagination through role-playing.

Taking learning outdoors helps stimulate children’s imagination. Having varied forms of stimuli really helps consolidate their learning as well as giving them new lessons to learn. From start to finish, class time should give children a chance to learn in every way possible. This is where outdoor classrooms come in.

Varying the environment keeps things fresh students and allows them to stay engaged. At Red Monkey Play, we offer outdoor performance areas and earth pods that allow children to participate in drama activities in the outdoor space. Our Outdoor shelters & classrooms provide an engaging outdoor space for children and staff to listen, learn and collaborate in unique ways.

We believe in providing outdoor spaces and play areas that encourage physical exercise and foster cognitive development. With specific equipment designed to improve different areas of physical ability, you can target areas of physical improvement for your pupils. This allows early years’ students to learn crucial motor skills as well as children of all ages to become more active and social together.

Our products include:

  • Playground surfacing - we can create your very own 100m sprinting lanes
  • MUGA pitches - spaces which allow an assortment of games to be played.
  • Dedicated exercise equipment - cardiovascular equipment
  • Fitness stations and frames - children can swing and climb on frames
  • Gym equipment - allows students to develop their strength.
  • Outdoor classrooms and shelters - outdoor spaces for classes and activities
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How Red Monkey's Playground Equipment Develops Students

There is a method and science behind the equipment we produce. We aim to combine play and learning in a seamless way. We do this by encouraging a range of physical, cognitive, social and when combined together, these forms of development can help produce a well rounded and intelligent student. Here are the methods we focus on:

From sitting up on their own to throwing a ball, children gradually develop the physical skills needed for their adult lives. Physical development includes both growth and the ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills.

You would normally associate playground equipment with physical development such as walking, running and climbing. While our climbing frames and trim trails do help develop these skills, we offer different types of equipment which supports the development of students in other physical ways.

Many of our outdoor playground equipment aims to develop fine motor skills; for example, our water wall. This allows students to experiment with tools, buckets and other mechanisms on the wall. This helps develop fine motor skills which prove invaluable when it comes to writing and drawing.

Sensory development is when the senses are improved through activities. There are seven sensory processes children develop in their early years. These are incredibly important for students’ overall development. The interaction of the mind and the body comes through the experiences of the senses. These experiences then contribute to brain development and results in more intelligent students.

Children can immerse themselves in a tactile world of fun and learning with our range of outdoor sensory play equipment. Our range of products will have something for children of all ages, water and sand walls with chutes and passages to examine movement and composition, to the exploration of sound with our music centres and getting mucky with our messy kitchen, perfect for curious hands to explore exciting new textures.

Role play is the perfect situation for children to develop their social skills and let their imaginations run wild. This is where creative students really shine. Role play gives them the chance to become a team player or lead a game based on their vision.

Outdoor wooden role play equipment is a key part of every child’s development; our dens, houses and hideaways are the perfect place for kids to let their imaginations run free. Dens and shelters can be transformed into houses, shops, nurseries, or just a quiet place to settle down and relax.

Roleplay, therefore, allows students to develop their creativity and imagination whilst also encouraging emotional and social development. This is because by pretending to be someone else (or something else) they use empathy to decipher how they would think and feel.



About Us

Advancing Education Through Play

Red Monkey Play is a specialist in bespoke playground equipment for schools. We aim to support the physical and sensory development of students with outdoor sensory playground equipment. Red Monkey also believes in having healthy students, so we support this goal with our sports and fitness playground equipment. We do this through a number of inventive products such as role play equipment.

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