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Prepare to be amazed as we transport your children into a world of boundless excitement, endless learning opportunities, and incredible growth. Welcome to a playground like no other!

We are thrilled to offer you our FREE School Playground Design & Consultancy Service. Tap into our expertise and unleash the full potential of your playground!

Our playground specialists will swiftly respond, ready to sprinkle their enchantment on your project. Need a site visit or advice on the best equipment? We’ve got your back! Are you looking for playground design inspiration? Prepare to be dazzled with our 3D designs!

Embrace the extraordinary with a Red Monkey Play bespoke school playground design. Adventure awaits!

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Why Red Monkey Play?

Unleash the Power of Learning with Our Learning Development Specialists

Step into a world where education meets exhilaration, brought to you by the masters of outdoor wonder - Red Monkey Play! As passionate learning development specialists, we're here to revolutionise how children learn and grow on the playground.

Get ready for Inspired Playground Design!

We don't settle for the ordinary. Our playground designs are meticulously crafted to ignite curiosity, imagination, and excitement in every child's heart. Learning should be an adventure; our playgrounds are the gateway to a realm where knowledge and fun collide!

Welcome to a World of Skill Development, Fun, and Play!

At Red Monkey Play, we take playtime seriously. We know children learn best when they're engaged and empowered to explore. Our school playground equipment is designed to unlock their potential, reach learning goals, and develop essential skills. From conquering climbing frames to exploring adventure trails, our creations set young minds free to discover, create, and conquer!

How We Work

How We Work


School Playground Equipment Types

When it comes to school playground equipment, we’ve got it all. Red Monkey Play offers a wide array of top-notch playground equipment to make every kid’s heart leap with joy. We believe in the power of tailored experiences, so all our play equipment is meticulously manufactured and installed to order. From the first bolt to the final swing, we ensure that every piece is expertly crafted with your unique needs in mind. It’s all about delivering playground perfection just for you!

Let your imagination run wild as we unveil a sneak peek of the wonders that await you in our playground paradise:

When it comes to outdoor school playground equipment, climbing frames reign supreme. They’re the ultimate playground companions found in schools across the nation. But not all climbing frames are created equal. At Red Monkey Play, we take playground excellence to new heights. With our expert design and flawless implementation, we ensure that every climbing frame is a thrilling catalyst for social development and endless exploration.

Our climbing frames are more than just monkey bars. They’re gateways to sensory mastery and imaginative role-playing. Picture your little adventurers conquering varied surfaces, experiencing different textures, and setting their imaginations free in our enchanting woodland playground equipment range. It’s a sensory delight that will leave them giggling, learning, and craving more adventures!

In the land of childhood, physical development is essential. It’s a time for children to grow, thrive, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Prepare to be amazed by our awe-inspiring adventure outdoor play equipment units! Crafted with innovation we’ve combined the wonders of timber and rope to bring you a natural, challenging, and oh-so-enjoyable play environment. It’s a wild expedition where children can develop balance, coordination, and imagination. From conquering daring obstacles to soaring through the sky, our playground is their canvas of endless possibilities.

Brace yourself for our mind-boggling role-play equipment range. Watch as little ones transform into superheroes, princesses, and fearless explorers. With every imaginative leap and bound, they’ll develop essential skills while embarking on thrilling adventures they’ll never forget!

Who says learning should be confined within four walls? It’s time to break free and discover the wonders of outdoor education! At Red Monkey Play, we believe in the magic of varied stimuli to ignite children’s imagination. That’s why we’re here to transform your learning journey from start to finish, providing opportunities for children to learn in every way possible with our sensational outdoor classrooms & shelters.

Prepare for an adventure like no other! By embracing a varying environment, we keep things fresh and exciting for young minds, ensuring they remain engaged for extended periods. Imagine the joy of outdoor performance areas, where children can showcase their talents and participate in thrilling activities. Picture the wonder of our earth pods, where learning becomes an immersive experience. With Red Monkey Play, you have the power to create an engaging outdoor space where children and staff can listen, learn, and collaborate in truly unique ways.

We’re passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant realms of excitement and cognitive growth through carefully crafted playground equipment. We believe in the power of play to nurture the ability of every child to shine. Experience a world of motor skills mastery and active socialisation as they conquer challenges and embark on thrilling adventures together. Join us in redefining playtime, creating arenas of endless possibilities where learning and movement intertwine, and children thrive in an exhilarating growth journey. Let’s play, learn, and conquer the world together!

Our products include:

  • Playground surfacing - we can create your very own 100m sprinting lanes
  • MUGA pitches - spaces which allow an assortment of games to be played.
  • Dedicated exercise equipment - cardiovascular equipment
  • Fitness stations and frames - children can swing and climb on frames
  • Gym equipment - helps to develop strength.
  • Outdoor classrooms and shelters - outdoor spaces for classes and activities
wooden climbing frame in a play area
little girl playing in a children's sand at school

How Our School Playground Equipment Develops Children

Unlock the magic of play and learning with our science-infused school playground equipment. We believe in the perfect blend of fun and education. We’ve mastered creating playground equipment that sparks physical, cognitive, and social development, resulting in well-rounded and brilliant children. Get ready to embark on an adventure as we unveil our methods for creating a playground haven like no other:

From wobbly first steps to triumphant ball throws, we know that physical skills pave the way for a lifetime of success. Our play equipment is here to ignite the fire of growth and movement. Get ready to witness the wonders of physical development as children embark on their exciting journey to adulthood, equipped with the skills to conquer the world!

When you think of school playground equipment, images of walking, running, and climbing come to mind. And yes, our fitness stations & frames and trim trails are designed to boost these essential skills. However, we offer so much more! Our outdoor equipment is a playground of possibilities, supporting development in various physical ways.

Our captivating water wall allows children to explore, experiment, and unleash creativity. As they manipulate tools, buckets, and mechanisms on the wall, they’ll develop fine motor skills that prove invaluable when writing, drawing, and creating masterpieces.

Sensory development in a child’s early years is crucial for overall health and well-being. That’s why we’ve created a playground wonderland where every sense comes alive, nurturing the minds and bodies of our future generations. A world of tactile exploration and learning awaits with our range of outdoor sensory playground equipment. Water and sand walls are made with thrilling chutes and passages that unravel the mysteries of movement and composition. Our enchanting music centre unleashes a symphony of sounds, and our messy kitchen, where curious hands can dive into exciting new textures. With our range of products designed for children of all ages, the possibilities for sensory discovery are endless.

Join us as we unlock sensory experiences, where the interaction of mind and body ignites brain development, creating a brilliant generation. Let’s embark on a journey where senses soar, knowledge expands, and imagination knows no bounds.

Step into a world where social skills flourish, and imaginations soar. The magic of role-play gives every child a chance to become a superstar of creativity. It’s time to let their imaginations take the lead and watch them shine like never before!

Our role play equipment is the secret ingredient to unlocking every child’s development. Picture a world filled with cosy dens, charming houses, and secret hideaways where imaginations run wild. These magical spaces become the backdrop for endless adventures as children transform them into homes, shops, nurseries, or quiet havens for relaxation.

Through the power of role-play, children dive into the realms of make-believe, tapping into empathy and understanding the thoughts and feelings of others. It’s a beautiful dance of creativity and social development where children can become whoever they want.

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At Red Monkey Play, we specialise in crafting bespoke school playground equipment. We create high-quality playground designs that bring joy, growth, and endless adventures. Our range includes sensory playground equipment that ignites the senses. Sports & fitness equipment will keep children healthy and active. Our inventive role-play units unleash creativity. We’ve got it all. Our playground wonders are designed to support the physical and sensory development of children while providing a world of excitement and imagination.

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School Playground Equipment Inspiration

We have a treasure trove of school playground equipment ideas that will leave your little explorers wide-eyed and ready for unforgettable fun. Picture stunning nature villages where their imaginations can run wild, sensory play areas that ignite their senses and cosy reading nooks that transport them to magical worlds. But that’s just the beginning! Our climbing frames will challenge their courage, interactive towers will spark their curiosity, and stages will set the scene for their grand performances. When it comes to transforming your school or nursery, there’s nothing we can’t do! Get ready to turn your school playground into an adventure wonderland!