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Let Your Students Explore All New Worlds With Our Role Play Equipment

Outdoor wooden role play equipment is a key part of every child’s development, and our dens, houses and hideaways are the perfect places for kids to let their imaginations run free. Our Jolly Roger pirate ship combines active play with storytelling skills as children of all ages can create their own pirating adventure. 

Dens and shelters can be transformed into houses, shops, hospitals, or just a quiet place to settle down and read a book. Students love the feel of enclosed spaces. They allow for children’s imaginative minds to be transported to a million different places, from the Eiffel Tower to the Sahara Desert.  Did you know we could make 10,000 of our bestselling outdoor Adventure playhouses out of the world’s largest tree the Sierra Redwood? Amazing!

How does Red Monkey Support Role Play? 

Role play is when your child uses props, settings and their imagination to become another person, animal or thing. Children do this all the time when engaging in play. One of the most classic examples is playing house or playing doctor, where the child takes on these new roles. 

These are very believable situations to role play and they almost certainly will have been exposed to these people or professions to inspire their performances. Role play can be tried out in different situations and environments, as well as the very formal form of role play in a classroom setting, it is also hugely beneficial to get outside and create scenarios for children so that they can use their own imaginations, while teachers or carers sit back and observe from afar.

Here at Red Monkey, we understand the importance of allowing children to use their imaginations to make sense of the world around them. Our play equipment allows children to recreate the stories they are told, or perform their own creative plays and make up songs and rhythms. Our play equipment provides the space and freedom to express themselves both physically and creatively, in a safe and secure environment. 

Why Is Role Play Important For Children?

Not only does it encourage physical development but it also encourages children to explore creative and emotional aspects of themselves. Imaginative play opportunities allows children to develop empathy and social skills, linking stories from books into their play and acting out scenarios which demonstrate this. The activities also develop an awareness of surroundings, as well as self-awareness and others around them. 

How Do Our Play Areas Encourage Role Play?

All our playground equipment is built around developing children and our role play playground equipment is no exception. Our range of products and playground surfaces allows children to explore spaces in which they can explore imaginative role play. 

We have a number of different playground equipment which mimics fantastical and exciting settings. Students can pretend they’re in Middle Earth or that they’re a pirate roving the seas. These are suitable for all ages and abilities, such as older students and young children. These climbing frames are fitted with different stations, such as steering wheels and masts to allow children to role play more effectively. 

With a Red Monkey designed playground, your students can engage in great child led play which is not only fun but beneficial for their development.