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Why Red Monkey Play?

Bespoke Playground Equipment Installation London

The team at Red Monkey Play are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of playground equipment with a particular emphasis on learning development and inclusive play for all children, in schools and nurseries across London.

Inspired Playground Design In London

When outlining and planning our playground equipment, we ensure that the overall design and materials used contribute to the encouragement of curiosity, excitement, imagination and the stimulation of a child’s exploration in a learning environment.

Developing Skills and Play

Our school playgrounds are geared towards the development of skills and excelling the learning goals set from year group to year group, all whilst having fantastic fun!
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Types of London Outdoor Playground Equipment

At Red Monkey Play we provide the nurseries and schools across London with a fantastic range of equipment that can be manufactured and made to measure for the requirements of your school. Our design service is truly bespoke and we even install it for your convenience! Our aim is to provide outdoor play equipment that is both made to a high standard of quality and encourages inclusive play amongst children of all ages and abilities. Please find a few examples of the equipment we offer in London below:

Climbing frames are a staple piece when it comes to school playground equipment, likely to make an appearance in the majority of schools across London. Climbing frames can be a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their exploration skills and promote social interaction and communication with their peers. However, there are many occasions where this equipment has not only been made with cheap materials but has also proven to be dangerous due to having been installed incorrectly. The London team at Red Monkey Play have the expert knowledge and experience to ensure this will never happen. We understand how important it is to nurture and cultivate student development in the correct way. 

The development our climbing frames promote amongst children is twofold, not only encouraging the development of role playing skills, but also sensory. Our Woodland range provides a variety of textures and surfaces to explore, stimulating their senses and providing a new environment in which to play and learn!

During a child’s early years, physical development is a vital part of their overall growth. To ensure that we seamlessly integrate both play and learning during outdoor activities, our school playgrounds are designed to encompass a wide range of equipment that targets different developmental skills. 

Our adventure units have been innovatively designed, using both rope and timber to promote the development of balance, coordination and imagination through the process of role play.

Our range of outdoor classrooms in London are designed to stimulate children’s imagination whilst providing a new setting in which to learn. Being exposed to a variety of stimuli during a lesson can actually reinforce what they have learnt and also make use of an array of learning techniques too!  

Switching up learning environments keeps things fresh allowing students to stay engaged with the material and helping with their overall understanding. Our range of earth pods, gazebos and outdoor performance areas encourage children to let their creative juices flow in a fun, stimulating and safe environment. These spaces promote collaboration and new unique learning opportunities between children and teachers alike.

One of our core goals is to create and make the most of outdoor spaces in London to ensure children’s physical activity is fun whilst also promoting the development of cognitive skills and behaviours. Our fitness equipment incorporates various elements that improve and target a multitude of physical abilities and skills, improving the strength of body and mind! Our fitness equipment can also be integrated within the regime of pupils of all ages, encouraging collaboration and social interaction between age groups.

Our exercise equipment for children includes:

  • Playground surfacing - we can create personalised 100m sprinting lanes
  • MUGA pitches - these pitches allow for an assortment of sports to be played within the same space
  • Dedicated exercise playground equipment for cardiovascular exercise
  • Fitness stations and frames
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • Outdoor classrooms and shelters for classes and activities tat can be taught outdoors

How Red Monkey's Playground Equipment Develops Children

Our outdoor play equipment has been designed with the aim to combine both play and education synonymously, by encouraging the development of physical, cognitive and social skills within a safe environment in which to explore. The development of these skills helps to produce well rounded and intelligent students your school can be proud of. We focus on a number of methods including:

From rolling onto their stomach for the first time to playing catch, over time children gradually develop physical skills that prove essential within their day to day adult lives. Physical development encompasses the growth, coordination and use of muscles throughout the body in order to carry out activities and physical skills. 

Playground equipment is definitely associated with physical development amongst children, especially when it comes to walking, running and climbing. However, at Red Monkey Play, we do things a little bit differently to encourage further learning and development during this process.

Many pieces of our bespoke London equipment aid in the development of fine motor skills from tying shoe laces and using cutlery to being creative with colouring pencils. A piece of playground equipment that enhances these skills particularly well is our Water Wall. This apparatus allows children to experiment with chutes, pulleys, buckets and various other mechanisms developing their curiosity and exploring with their hands and fingers.

Sensory development is the process of receiving and organising information through the use of our senses, which can be stimulated through various activities. There are seven sensory processes children develop in their early learning years which are incredibly important to their overall development and shape the way they interact with the world around them. 

Our London sensory equipment introduces play that incorporates the use of a child’s senses, improving overall brain development and intelligence. Immerse your students in a tactile world of fun and learning with our range of outdoor sensory play equipment, appropriate for children of all ages. 

Examine the movement and composition of water and sand with our interactive walls, explore the wonders of sound with our melodious music centres and explore new textures making mud pies at our messy kitchen stations. Encourage their curiosity and get stuck in with our hands-on sensory equipment.

Role play is the perfect opportunity for children to develop social skills, understand verbal and physical cues and fully explore their imaginations, running wild with them! This is where the more creative students can really take centre stage. These situations help children decide whether their character is more suited to a team player or a leader. 

Outdoor wooden role play equipment is a key piece in a London playground set up and an important part of every child’s development. Our fantastic range of dens, houses and hideaways are an excellent place for imaginations to run free. These shelters can be transformed into hospitals, schools, shops or a place to be quiet, calm down and relax.

Role play encourages the development of creativity and imagination whilst also strengthening emotional and social development. By pretending to be someone or something else, children learn to decipher appropriate emotional and rational responses to situations that may occur, contributing to the development of empathy and decision making.



How Can Red Monkey Play Help Your London Project?

If you’re looking for a specialist to assist you with your London school playground project, the team at Red Monkey Play will be more than happy to help and offer our expertise. We look after your project from end to end, including design, manufacture, supply, installment and maintenance of your playground equipment. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us at or call our London office on 020 38445 525 to book a free consultation.

School Outdoor Equipment
School Outdoor Equipment