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Boost Both Your Students Physical and Mental Health With Sport and Fitness Playground Equipment

Physical fitness is key in awarding children a healthy lifestyle, which is imperative to their overall development and growth. Incorporating our gym equipment or trim trail items into your learning zone will encourage and allow children to be physically challenged. With the natural use of our fitness playground equipment, children’s balance, strength, and coordination will be developed. Through teaching, children will develop an understanding of how their muscles can be strengthened, and in addition, they will be taught the importance of how regular physical activity has a positive impact on their physical and mental health.

We design our equipment to improve different areas of children’s physical strength and abilities. For example, adding a Multi-use Games Area (MUGA) to your outdoor learning space will inspire children to persevere even the most challenging activity, boosting social interaction and promoting team play and spirit.

Why Sport and Fitness are Important to Students

Being physically active is essential for your students. It encourages the production of positive chemicals in the brain, ensuring children are both happy and productive. With more and more kids having a sedentary life due to new technologies, it is more important now than ever to make time for active play at school. Improving your student’s fitness levels will not only set them up for success later in life but will also help raise their confidence, motivation, and concentration during teaching time. Recent studies confirm that engaging in regular sports activity helps improve students’ focus and dedication to their academic school work. 

Encouraging fitness and leading an active lifestyle can help improve your school’s academic standings as well. Studies have shown that students involved in athletic programs maintain higher grades than those who do not. As a result, the school has a responsibility to make outdoor sports part of children’s daily learning routine. For example, we have specifically designed a range of outdoor gym equipment which allows children to experiment with a broad range of equipment, such as children’s Arm and Pedal Bicycles, Double Health Walkers and Sky Steppers. We have discovered that this creates an avenue for children to join local sports clubs such as gym, basketball, and climbing clubs.

Sports and physical activity combine many aspects of learning and development. Leadership, teamwork, confidence, and self-reliance are big character focuses brought about by outdoor sports and fitness. Critical thinking is developed by playing against other students, as they need to quickly solve problems created by their opponents.  All of our fitness playground equipment is designed to provide a cross-curricular approach to learning, and this not only proves useful in teaching but is very cost-effective too.

How Red Monkey Can Help Encourage Fitness

We provide a large variety of play, learning, and fitness playground equipment, as well as design play areas that encourage an active lifestyle. Our range of equipment can be tailored for all ages and abilities, ensuring outdoor learning spaces are accessible to members of the entire school. 

A number of our outdoor fitness equipment is tailored more for unstructured play, which allows children to be explorative and creative, as well as active. These include our outdoor activity stations, monkey bars, and other climbing stations. These climbing frames allow students to safely explore a range of activities dictated by their own choice and ideas.  

For more structured forms of fitness, but still very student-led, we have our Outdoor Gym Equipment For Schools. This range of fitness playground equipment allows children to experiment with gym-based fitness, which will help them in their independent fitness. These stations are different from what they’re normally used to and will allow exploration of different movements. Similar to the fitness stations, students won’t be hampered by game rules and instead will be free to be active in whatever way they please. 

For more structured activities, we have MUGA pitches. These are great multi-purpose arenas which can act as a pitch for most sports. Older or more competitive students love the chance for games against fellow students. Organising and encouraging sports in this area can help develop students’ social skills, as well as improve confidence in shyer students if done properly. 

In addition, Red Monkey Play ensures students’ safety by providing appropriate and safe playground surfacing, which allows students to play safely, become adventurous, and grow in confidence.