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Engage All Your Students Senses With Our Sensory Playground Equipment

Our range of children’s sensory playground equipment ensures all children can use their five senses to explore and investigate and make sense of the world around them. The added benefit of the sensory equipment is that children have direct access to a full range of sensorial materials. For example, leaves, plants, seeds and soil. Our sensory equipment ensures all ages and abilities can investigate and discover, from exploring how fast sand or water passes through chutes from different sizes to examine movement and composition, to the exploration of sound with our music centres. Children enjoy the feeling of mud and clay and our messy kitchen is perfect for curious hands to explore exciting new textures. 

We can create rich sensory areas, such as gardens, full of herbs and plans, cascading water and places for bugs to find a new home. Children can explore natural flowers as if they were growing in a meadow. They can use sundials to tell the time and catch water to compare rainfall in different months of the year. They can use their artistic skills to sketch or paint the scenery, capturing the flowers in season. We create pathways of different textures, allowing children to imagine they are walking with the dinosaurs or becoming Dorothy following the yellow brick road. As well as engaging physical senses, the stations are equipped to make musical instrument noises when interacting with different panels. This alongside a series of vibrant colours allows multiple senses to be stimulated simultaneously. We have a range of different ways our play equipment helps improve sensory processing in students. 

We specialise in creating spaces to meet the needs of all children, including with SEND. Not only are the spaces safe but give all children the opportunity to discover and explore, breathing in the different smells, and touching the different textures of rocks, shells, flowers and plants. Children can take a relaxing break, sitting on a swing, or relaxing in a hammock.

We also have dedicated playground outdoor environments dedicated to sensory play. This exciting range of playground equipment has a number of different stations where students can use a range of senses. From metal pans and tools being used for music to sandpits or water stations where children can investigate.

Red Monkey Play specialises in designing and creating products that meet your exact needs, all we need are your simple ideas and we will make them into engaging and interactive sensory learning equipment.  

Contact us today and let your imaginations run wild. Our design team make the impossible possible. See our case studies to see how great our previous work is for yourself!