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Playgrounds are the Start of the Social Sphere

outdoor playground equipment for schools

What do you see out of your window at break or lunch time? Or even in that short period before school where your pupils play together just inside the school gates? You’re seeing them enjoying being part of a group and having a sense of belonging.

That sense of friendship starts early on in life and as they get older, children continue building those all-important social skills they’ll have learnt from games like hop-scotch or Simon Says.

The playground is where it all starts! Playing in the playground is so important for enhancing children’s social skills and emotional wellbeing, and here are three ways a playground design can start building those all-important skills.

Being part of a team in a safe environment

Games are a great way for children to learn about the importance of teamwork. A multi-games area, better known as MUGA, can help your pupils build their confidence and is a great way to hold friendly competitions. As well as the surface, our MUGA areas have quality products such as goals and hoops fitted using the strongest materials.

Whether your pupils are looking to become the next David Beckham or Jessica Ennis-Hill, they have the perfect place to develop their skills with their friends cheering them on.

Expressing their inner hero (or villain!)

Who was your favourite superhero growing up? Role-playing is a perfect opportunity for your pupils to enjoy living the life of their inner hero or villain, setting their imagination free with their friends. And for a plot twist, the heroes and villains can enjoy lunch together afterwards! Role-playing is also key to a child’s development as it allows them to develop their creativity.

Every good story needs a setting and products like our pirate ships and crow’s nests can help start the first chapter. Whether your pupils want to be Spiderman or Captain Blackbeard, we have the product to set the scene.
Creating a work of art

What better way to bring your pupils together than through creativity? Music and art have been proven to be an effective way of encouraging pupils to work together and share ideas, whether they’re dream of being the next Van Gough or Mozart. No matter what their skill level or favourite method, our outdoor art equipment is ideal for encouraging your pupils to express themselves and their talents. Aspiring artists can either work together in a group or on their own, and musicians can practise using our outdoor xylophones.

As well as giving budding artists a place to practice, our outdoor art equipment also lets you take art out of the classroom. Teaching an art class outside allows inspiration to flow naturally and you might find that your pupils start encouraging each other.

Build a perfect social sphere for your pupils

Here at Red Monkey Play, our expert designers are passionate about enabling pupils of all ages to develop the skills they’ll need for later on in life. All of our products are designed to fit in with the National Curriculum and to fit your unique requirements.

Call us on 0116 3669 922 and find out how we can help you build your social sphere. Get in contact we would love to hear from you.

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