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Why Choose Our Commercial Playground Equipment?

We are playground design specialists, offering a range of commercial playground equipment for your business. Whatever outdoor play equipment you may need, ranging from Climbing Frames to play parks, we’ve got you covered. 

With our high-quality equipment and bespoke design service, we can create a range of unique play areas for your outdoor commercial spaces, suitable for a wide range of age groups. 

Why Is Our Equipment Different? 

Here at Red Monkey Play, we ensure that our commercial playground equipment is designed specifically for your needs. We don’t just make out-of-the-box equipment, or one size fits all solutions. With over 25 years of experience in playground design across many industries, we can create outdoor areas for you that can truly transform any establishment. 

We love to work with UK businesses whilst leading the industry with sustainable development and manufacturing practices. All of our beautiful wooden playground equipment is made lovingly by hand in our Leicestershire workshop, using pre-treated and high-quality, low-maintenance play-grade timber from sustainable sources. 

What We Offer

We start from the bottom up, providing everything you need from basic playground equipment to uniquely designed sensory spaces. This includes essentials, such as Park Equipment and Leisure Equipment.

These all come with the Red Monkey Play guarantee of quality, using the highest grade timber that meets the requirements of all current safety standards.

We will work with you to create an exciting outdoor play area designed to ignite imaginations and foster children’s learning experiences. All of our products are designed and handmade to order in the UK, and all our playgrounds are competitively priced whilst being backed by a 10-year guarantee on our timber. This means you can create an exciting outdoor space that will last!

Who Trusts Our Experience

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the educational market, we offer substantial and comprehensive services to Councils, providing Wooden Park Equipment. Having worked with several Parish, Local, District, and County Councils, we have the experience, knowledge, and skills to create children’s play spaces that encourage development, activity, and creativity. 

Our experience and credibility range to more than just parks and councils. We’ve also worked collaboratively with private businesses and commercial establishments, which includes creating, manufacturing, and installing play spaces for pubs and hotels, where we’ve created many engaging outdoor areas. Our excellence stretches even overseas, where we’ve designed outdoor playground areas for a luxury five-star hotel in the Maldives.

The Bespoke Element Of Our Commercial Playground Equipment 

While we provide standard commercial playground equipment, such as benches and we also create many bespoke climbing frames and other playground equipment, consisting of Sensory Playground Equipment that has been designed specifically for schools and which can be repurposed for any commercial setting. 

Take a look at our range of Outdoor Playground Equipment to see exactly how we can help you. We specialise in creating bespoke equipment that encourages imaginative play and physical development whilst ensuring you utilise all areas of your establishment at their maximum capacity. These differences can be the deciding factor for many potential clients in an ever-increasingly competitive climate.  

Get In Touch

Now that you understand a little bit more about how we can transform your outdoor space, we can arrange a FREE consultation to show you exactly what can be done.

This will let you know your options whilst allowing us to demonstrate our consultative services and work together to create a better outdoor space.