Fishtoft Academy

What was needed?

The Brief

Fishtoft Academy requested a design that included designated areas including sensory activities, a construction zone, and elements of physical development.

The challenge was to meet the customers needs while also keeping in mind their economy budget.

What we did

The Result

The goal was to create an environment with clear zones, while also encouraging a fluid learning space for the children.

Within the design, Red Monkey incorporated sand & water play, a construction area, messy play, a quiet space, physical development, and sensory aspects throughout.

The Woodland Fort Challenge was chosen to promote physical development. This play structure was a perfect fit for the natural environment of the school as it’s colour tones are meant to blend in with nature.

The Interactive Small World was positioned alongside the reading area to create a zone where the children could use their imaginations and explore quiet sensory activities.

The bespoke builders yard was positioned in an area where the children would have enough space to play & build while not disturbing the other zones.

The design team included a bespoke messy kitchen, water play area, and a sand pit to give the children plenty of options to explore and create. The pulley system within the sandpit also helps with motor skills and physical development as it requires the children to use their upper arm strength to move the sand.

The design team included canvas walls around the sensory canopy and sand pit to help keep away unwanted guests, as Fishtoft is positioned in the countryside.

The result was a free flowing space that ticked all of Fishtoft Academies boxes, while also creating a fun, safe and educational learning environment for the children.

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