Greenfield Primary School

What was needed?

The Brief

Greenfield Primary tasked the Red Monkey team with developing a natural-looking and challenging play area for their years 3 to 6.

Incorporating an existing seating area within the plan was a requirement as was including chill out and communal areas on the equipment.

In keeping with the rustic look, the equipment was to avoid straight lines and provide a continuous trail for the children.

What we did

The Result

The irregular nature of Robinia timber was the perfect choice of raw material for Greenfield’s project providing both strength and the desired unrefined appearance.

Mimicking bark, environmentally friendly bonded rubber mulch was chosen for the surfacing whilst incorporating nets, rocks and ropes also ensured that the design suited the older age group.

From the customer

The Feedback

School Playground Equipment

As a school, we are absolutely thrilled to have our new playground equipment for our Year 6 pupils.

The children have enjoyed the new addition to our outdoor space and cannot wait to go out to play at break and lunchtimes so that they are able to explore!

The equipment is fun, engaging and well-designed which is evident in the fact that the children have had to have a rota to split the time equally between each Year 6 class!

Miss Hoult

Year 6 Teacher


The playground equipment is absolutely amazing; it has improved our playground so much because there are now lots of different activities to do.

We love to play games with our friends and the equipment allows us to do this (with the added bonus of obstacles which make it even more difficult and fun)!

Now, break times and lunch times are much more exciting and enjoyable: we simply cannot wait to get outside to play!

Isabel & Lucia

Year 6 Students


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