Kidz @ Work

What was needed?

The Brief

Kidz @ Work invited Red Monkey to transform a small, neglected space into a vibrant, interactive area. The goal was to incorporate water features, shade, and most importantly a bike-friendly roadway.

Maximizing the limited space posed a significant challenge, successfully addressed by Red Monkey’s innovative design, creating a bright and engaging environment for children.

What we did

The Result

Red Monkey’s designers incorporated various sensory elements, introducing new products like coloured sensory trees that dynamically changed the space’s hue. A sensory grass mound promoted physical development while maintaining a prominent feature within the limited area.

The perimeter was enhanced, and finishing touches such as a water wall and sensory small world added a captivating “wow” factor to the transformed space, fulfilling Kidz @ Work’s vision for a bright and engaging environment.

From the customer

The Feedback

School Playground Equipment

Red Monkey successfully provided a fun and interactive space for children in a challenging small and narrow environment. We all love it. Thank you.

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