Coneygarth Farm & Flying Start Nursery

What was needed?

The Brief

Coneygarth Farm & Flying Start Nursery invited Red Monkey to develop two units which needed to be unique to anything they would have seen on the market.

The challenge was creating a unit in which was unique enough to set it apart while also including the different elements suitable for nursery aged children.

What we did

The Result

The team at Red Monkey came up with a prototype design for Coneygarth Farm in which the nursery had never seen before. It was designed to include numerous sensory features and textures that would both engage and stimulate the children. The unit would also provide a sheltered area for the children.

The unit at Flying Start was designed for older children and needed to be more challenging. Flying Start wanted to use as much space as possible which was difficult in such a small area. Our design team chose a “woodland” theme and added a wibbly wobbly roof and fencing to make the unit even more bespoke and unique.
In order to fall in line with the budget provided, Grass Mats were laid around the unit to provide free fall height cushion.

From the customer

The Feedback

School Playground Equipment

Absolutely AMAZING. It looks brilliant. Can’t wait for the children to be back after lockdown and enjoy it. Lovely installers too who did a fab job!

Carol Cooper

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