Village Day Nursery

What was needed?

The Brief

The Village Day Nursery wanted to develop the outside area for a more workable space that the children could use in all weathers. They wanted different textures including sensory surfaces and free-standing items. Although the area was quite small, they wanted a large messy kitchen, an area for the bikes and the main factor was to maximise the space. This was the Red Monkey challenge.

What we did

The Result

Red Monkey designers decided to keep the look natural by using play grass in the area and creating natural grey stones and a blue river out of Wetpour/EDPM rubber to keep it flowing and zone in areas without using blocks of colour. A sensory path next to the wall which included cobblers and bricks this worked really well as it took no space in the area. The road was designed in black Wetpour/EDPM and white lines which stood out with the play grass around it. The water wall and tiny bridge were added to the design which we kept free standing to allow flexibility in the area. A bespoke messy kitchen was fitted to utilise the space which made the area fun and exciting for the children. A free-standing mud box was added to the area to keep the mud in one place.

From the customer

The Feedback

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We bought the nursery 3 years ago. The garden area was tired, the children weren’t enthused with it and we didn’t know how to change it. Red Monkey were approached and we asked them to come up with a design they knew would work. This they did, we levelled the garden and they came and laid it in a week. The transformation is unbelievable. The children love it! even the babies love climbing over the bridge. The parents have also been very complementary. Thank you Red Monkey.

Maureen McKee, Proprietor

Village Day Nursery

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