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Is playtime important? Let’s A, B, See…

outdoor playground equipment for schools

The benefits of play have been well documented over the years as various studies examine development through the different interactions children have in the playground. Play equipment and building a great playground can be as important to a child’s education as writing a great lesson plan. Children need two types of ABC’s to continue evolving into a stronger person all-round. You’ve got the alphabet ‘ABC’ and then there’s the playful ABC:




Advantages of play include

  • Improved mental health and problem solving
  • Expands imagination
  • Helps children build a social circle
  • Exploring outdoor spaces

Children need these skills to help with their cognitive and social skills later on in life. How can you improve learn and play development without it being so complex and demanding for parents and teachers? Well that’s where Red Monkey Play comes in.

Agility improves children’s speed and direction which increases health benefits as children are more likely to take part in sport activities. Our wide range of Trim Trails are ideal for agility. Products from our Outdoor Gym Equipment range is a great kick-start to get children on sprint mode.

Balance is one step ahead to defying gravity and goes hand in hand with sports because of its help with motor skills. By using balancing activities in their day to day play, children are able to build their control and accuracy faster. We have many products that can help with a child’s balance such as our Wet-Pour Playground Surface and the Development Trail.

Coordination can come from sensory processing, gestures and facial performance as well as concentration. All of which are strong development points as children grow.

Children can immerse themselves in a tactile world of fun with our Water Wall, an essential element of any playground. The Messy Kitchen is another ideal product for all those budding cooks and chefs. Both products encourage hand-eye coordination.

Imagination is at the heart of everything we do at Red Monkey. We don’t just design and install children’s playground equipment. We’re just a call away if you want the ideal play equipment or playground design for your school or nursery.

For more products and information please have a look at our brochure.

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