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Why Choose Our Commercial Playground Equipment?

A Bespoke Creation & Installation Experience

The Red Monkey Play team excels in crafting, designing, and installing a wide array of commercial playground equipment, with a special focus on promoting learning development and inclusive play for all children.

A Long Lasting Partnership

We work with you to develop a captivating outdoor play area aimed at sparking imaginations and enhancing children's learning journeys. Our products are designed and handmade to order in the UK, ensuring quality and attention to detail. Our playgrounds are competitively priced and come with a 10-year guarantee on our timber, providing you with the assurance of creating a durable outdoor space.

Our Proven Track Record

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the educational market, we take pride in our partnerships with several Parish, Local, District, and County Councils. We have worked closely with private businesses and commercial establishments, such as pubs and hotels, designing, manufacturing, and installing captivating outdoor play spaces to enhance their environments.
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Types Of Commercial Playground Equipment

Specialising in playground design, we provide a variety of commercial playground equipment tailored to your business needs. Whether you require climbing frames or play parks, we have you covered.

Our high-quality equipment and bespoke design service enable us to craft unique play areas for your outdoor commercial spaces, suitable for a wide range of age groups.

At Red Monkey Play, we offer an extensive and all-encompassing selection of Park Equipment designed to encourage development, activity, learning, and creativity in children aged 2 to 12 years old.

Whatever style of play you seek to incorporate into your outdoor area, we offer tailored playground equipment explicitly crafted to support every aspect of child development and progression.

Our Shopping Centre Play Area Equipment was requested by Service Master to develop a bespoke wooden seating arrangement for their shopping outlet at Victoria Centre, Nottingham, aiming to add a comfortable seating area for parents while children enjoy soft play.

In another project, we installed artificial fun grass at a shopping centre in Watford to craft a sports zone. This involved placing fun grass beneath table tennis tables, creating a chessboard area with fun grass, and installing fun grass flooring for a children’s colouring area enclosed by a white picket fence. Additionally, the project featured two bug-themed tables and stools.

We have modified our school earth pods to cater to the leisure sector, redesigning them to provide comfortable sleeping accommodations.

Our Earth Pods for Leisure feature options for a natural timber roof or an artificial grass roof available in different colours. Additional features such as insulation and electricity can be included, allowing for lighting and sockets.

One of our recent projects involved constructing an earth pod house for Camp Katur, located in North Yorkshire. This structure is used every weekend year-round, offering a forest retreat experience.

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Primary school girls and boys playing in a large sandpit and moving sand on an interactive sand wall

How Red Monkey's Commercial Playground Equipment Develops Children

Our playground equipment is designed to seamlessly blend play and education, encouraging the development of physical, cognitive, and social skills within a safe exploration environment. Enhancing these skills contributes to producing well-rounded and intelligent children. Our approach includes various methods, including:

From rolling onto their stomach for the first time to playing catch, children gradually develop physical skills that are essential in their daily adult lives. Physical development encompasses the growth, coordination, and use of muscles throughout the body to perform various activities and tasks.

While playground equipment undoubtedly contributes to children’s physical development, particularly in activities like walking, running, and climbing, Red Monkey Play takes a distinctive approach to further improve learning and development.

Many of our custom playground pieces play a significant role in refining fine motor skills, from tying shoelaces to using cutlery, to being creative with colouring pencils. One such piece of equipment that excels in enhancing these skills is our Interactive Water Wall. This innovative apparatus enables children to experiment with chutes, pulleys, buckets, and various other mechanisms, encouraging their curiosity and inspiring exploration using their hands and fingers.

Roleplay provides children with an ideal platform to enhance their social skills, understand verbal and physical cues, and unleash their imaginations without constraints. It’s a realm where the more imaginative students can truly shine, allowing them to explore whether they excel as team players or leaders.

In playground setups, wooden outdoor role play equipment plays a pivotal role and holds significant value in every child’s development journey. Our range of dens, houses, and hideaways serve as great places for children’s imaginations to roam freely. These structures can effortlessly transform into hospitals, schools, shops, or a place to be quiet, calm down, and relax.

Engaging in role play not only promotes creativity and imagination but also emotional and social development. By pretending to be someone or something else, children learn to navigate appropriate emotional responses and rational reactions, developing empathy and decision-making skills.

Sensory development involves the reception and organisation of information through our senses, which can be stimulated through various activities. During their early learning years, children develop seven sensory processes that significantly influence their overall development and shape their interactions with the world.

Our outdoor sensory playground equipment offers play that engages children’s senses, improving brain development and intelligence. Dive into a world of fun and learning with our diverse range of outdoor sensory play equipment suitable for children of all ages.

Examine the movement and composition of water and sand using interactive walls, discover the wonders of sound through our melodious music centres, and explore different textures while making mud pies at our messy kitchen stations, our equipment encourages curiosity and hands-on exploration of sensory stimuli.


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How Can Red Monkey Play Help Your Commercial Project?

If you’re looking for a specialist to assist you with playground equipment for your commercial project, we are more than happy to help and offer our expertise. We look after your project from start to finish, including design, manufacture, supply, instalment, and maintenance of your innovative playground equipment. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us at or call us on 0116 366 9922 to arrange a FREE consultation to show you exactly what can be done.

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