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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Children’s Climbing Frame In London

wooden climbing frame

Take the kids’ play time to new heights as they explore the outdoors, all year round. When it comes to investing in an outdoor climbing frame, you’ll want something that ticks all the boxes. It should be full of obstacles and give the children plenty to do but also be robust enough to last. For those in the city or outskirts of London, investing in a kids climbing frame will keep them active and full of adventure for endless outdoor play fun.

An Investment

First off, whatever you opt for, it’s going to be an investment, so choose something that children can use across several age groups and continue to use as their skills grow and develop. For instance, our Rope Walk Trim Trail is perfect for pupils in both Key Stage One and Two learning groups, it incorporates both the strengthening of core muscles whilst also challenging the use of coordination, balance and motor skills. A full workout for the body and mind!

A few examples of other products that encourage the development of life and social skills include our Chalkboard Stage which is an ideal set-up for an outdoor classroom, taking up minimal space, where children can learn to present their own ideas. You might go for a popular, yet timeless treehouse which is perfect for storytime, no matter their age. Why not incorporate a few playground elements such as these into your outdoor play set up?

Trim Trail Set 2 – Rope Walk

Space Is Key

Secondly, space is key. Taking a measurement of the space you’re going to use for a new climbing frame is a good place to start. For London-based schools and outdoor playgrounds, space can play a huge role in making decisions when it comes to choosing the right kids climbing frame. One of our most popular climbing frames, the Jungle Gym, is a large unit that requires a sizable area of space. Built to challenge pupils, this climbing frame is designed to improve children’s strength and agility. Not only can this frame be used during play times but also implemented in PE lessons. If you have a smaller space to work with, why not choose one of our smaller frames, such as the Balance Adventure. This frame is compact, aesthetically pleasing and encourages pupils to use their imagination during interactive play times.

Alongside choosing the perfect climbing frame for your playground, you might be after a few standalone pieces of furniture that can help an area really come together without taking over your entire outdoor space. Check out our Nature range for mud kitchens, planting stations and plenty more options for messy fun. If you’ve got a bit more room to play with, one of these Adventure Units is guaranteed to impress. Secret hideaways, climbing ropes and tunnels encourage children to use a multitude of skills to crawl, climb and stretch when playing.

wooden climbing frame


Finally, safety. There are additional benefits to the sheer fun – climbing skills help develop balance, strength, and motor skills, which is why you’ll often find them in nursery and school playgrounds. The safe environment of a well-designed climbing frame also helps youngsters learn how to assess and navigate risk.You can rest assured that our climbing frames are made from only the highest quality sources such as timber and natural materials which are more likely to survive hard winters, not to mention they are generally more attractive and comfortable to play on. Take our playground set up at St. Paul With St. Luke C of E Primary, as a prime example of this.

Adventures Begin

There’s nothing quite like this London-inspired frame, Wimbledon Woodland Towers to get the kids exploring with plenty of space for endless climbing in and out, up and down. Or check out this all in one Falcon Island Challenge, a chance for the kids to escape to the big city and head to the sea for even more adventures. 

To elevate your student’s play time experiences even further, they can even ‘pretend’ to get the train down to London with this outdoor timber train, while taking turns to be passengers and drivers, all aboard! Complete their outdoor adventures with this Sand Wall. This exciting wall and pit features our standard chutes, spinners and moving sand runs as well as standard colourful perspex windows. A great sensory addition to messy sand play. 

As they navigate their way around these climbing frames or sensory play areas, not only will they be using cognitive skills to beat their own little challenges, their core muscles will be getting to work too which is great for development.

Falcon Island Challenge climbing wall and climbing frame

How Can Red Monkey Play Help You?

The role play really comes to life with kids climbing frames like these while bringing it back to learning. The good news is that all of our outdoor playground furniture is made to measure so if there’s something that catches your eye, our team of climbing frame specialists will hand-make your climbing frame so it works for you. Whatever your criteria, choosing an apparatus that excites children is paramount, so whether it’s an outdoor classroom, role-play setting or sensory equipment that you’re after, it needs to be fun enough to get the kids up and out. 

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