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Top 4 Pieces Of Outdoor Gym Equipment For Schools

Fitness is an integral part of any school’s curriculum. It ensures that students have allocated time to alleviate their stresses and get those all important endorphins flowing. Not only is this beneficial for their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing.

Implementing specialised outdoor gym equipment can add diversity to a P.E. session and our units are versatile in their ability to be used by all ages. This piece P.E. equipment will help to increase the overall fitness level of your students in ways that team games or play equipment may not, such as stimulating and developing balance, stamina, coordination and activating the use of hard to target muscles. 

Once your students have got to grips with using this equipment, they will be more likely to be active during their break times, exploring and taking full advantage of all they have on offer. 

Here is a list of our top four pieces of kids gym equipment that target different areas of the body and are sure to get them moving.

Children’s Arm And Pedal Bike

The Arm and Pedal Bike provides a full body workout by stimulating the muscles in the arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back and core, giving the heart a boost and providing a great cardio-vascular workout without having to run boring laps. 

Exercising multiple muscle groups at the same time can be difficult, but this piece of equipment is perfect for a full body workout, encourages hand-eye coordination and the development of both stamina and balance. 

This type of P.E. equipment will increase overall fitness levels efficiently by exercising multiple muscle groups at the same time, simultaneously strengthening and providing a cardio element. Used for a warm-up, cool down or as part of an exercise regime, the arm and pedal bike can be operated by children of all abilities and performed at their own pace.

The Stepper

The Stepper provides a low impact workout, working and toning the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calf muscles. This piece of P.E. equipment is sure to get the heart pumping without putting pressure on joints. Other benefits include an improvement of stability and balance.

Built for the use of two people, this equipment encourages social interaction between pupils and can also be used to challenge one another, increasing the fun aspect of a games lesson.

Children’s Waist Twister

The Children’s Waist Twister not only activates and strengthens the abdominal muscles, but also targets the lower back, glutes, hips and pelvis, administering a full mid-sectional workout. The improvement of core strength can help with posture, preventing injuries to the lower back and overall physical strength. This unit is designed so that children of all abilities can exercise at their own pace.

This equipment is great for a warm-up to ensure that the core is engaged throughout the session and also promotes improvements in flexibility and balance. Built for the use of three children at a time, the Waist Twister encourages kids to workout out together and promotes a fun environment.

Children’s Tai Chi Discs

The Children’s Tai Chi Discs are inspired by the martial art practice of Tai Chi, exercise both the mind and body in a gentle manner and encourage the practice of mindfulness. Targeting muscles in the wrists, arms, shoulders, chest and back, this piece of equipment moves in a clockwise and anti-clockwise circular motion.

Perfect for warming up or cooling down, this exercise helps to increase flexibility, movement and coordination, enhancing mental agility in a relaxing motion.


If you’re struggling to choose which pieces of equipment to invest in, why not opt for our Education Bundle which consists of eight units, specially chosen by fitness professionals, that can hold up to 14 children at one time.  

This bundle makes the perfect addition to a P.E. regime and can even be encouraged at break times.

How Can Red Monkey Play Help You?

If you’re looking to implement outdoor gym equipment into your playground setup, the team at Red Monkey Play will be more than happy to help you plan the perfect outdoor gym. 

To find out how our team can work with you, book a FREE consultation today by either calling us on 0116 366 9922 or emailing us at

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