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Stunning Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation

Posted on: October 15th, 2017 by simon winfield No Comments

Stunning Aerial Video of Primary School Playground Installation from Red Monkey. Playground Installation featuring a multi-challenge Adventure Climbing frame, football goals and activity boards, outdoor classroom, play stage, artificial grass and sensory surfacing and fabulous Playground markings.

The installation is located at Forest Lodge Primary School in Leicester and we used a drone to capture the quality of the playground installation so that you can see the wide range and quality of Red Monkey Playground installations. To find out what the Head Teacher had to say visit our case study

When planning a playground for Primary School children it is vital to have a range of areas to accommodate the needs and learning requirements of all children. In this Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation  we created an active area with lots of playground markings to help children develop strength and fitness along with motor skills which is adjacent to a real active area incorporating metal “goals” and activity boards which also incorporate Basketball hoops developing a MUGA (Multi use game area) a great feature to keep lots of children active and also provides an area for sports so you could consider incorporating this within your playground as part of you Government PE and Sports Funding progressing through the playground we have an outstanding feature of the adventure Climbing Frame tower which incorporates so many activities that it will keep a whole class of children occupied for hours and also meet the needs of developing fitness and motor skills.

As you will then see from our Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation we have an outdoor classroom providing an ideal location for outdoor learning and encouraging children to become involved in the environment. For those budding actors and “pop stars” we have included a “stage” encouraging children to become creative and interact with their colleagues alongside which we have a range of outdoor musical instruments to provide the musical accompaniment.

To find out how Red Monkey can help you develop your Playground call our friendly Customer Service Team on 0116 3669922 and arrange your free consultation.



Climbing Frames for Primary School Children

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One of the products that is most requested by people visiting the Red Monkey website or contacting us are Climbing Frames Primary School Children. At Red Monkey we have a wide range of climbing frames for Primary School Children from a simple and easy to use Monkey bars through to our Island Units that incorporate a wide range of climbing features designed to encourage physical development and motor skills in Primary aged children.

In the modern world many schools and teachers have identified that children have a lack of body strength and see this as a key area for development in young children, with normal school play equipment this is difficult to achieve and that is why Red Monkey have developed a range of climbing frames and equipment to develop these key aspects of development. Simon Winfield, Managing Director says “It has become very common for us when visiting schools that teachers express their desire to have equipment for children to develop their upper body strength, in the modern world children are not as active as they have been in the past and this is a real concern for their development, these requests and feedback led us to task our Product Development in developing a range of equipment to meet the needs of the teachers and children”.

Many of the units that have been developed can be found in our brochure which can be downloaded from the website or by clicking here and we continue to develop our range of Climbing frames Primary School Children so if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us by calling 0116 3669922 unfortunately we just cant keep us to date with all of our exciting developments. What we can ensure is a high quality play and learning equipment at affordable prices that has been crafted with care and inspired and development with the help of teaching and education professionals. That means you can rely on Red Monkey to make your decisions easier – read some of our case studies and find out what our customers say.

Want to know more than have a read of this great article on the value of children climbing