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Why Your School Needs a MUGA Pitch Right Now

Little boys playing at school on a MUGA pitch outdoors

Sports and fitness is so important in life. Whether you follow them as a fan or use them to keep fit, their cultural capital is undeniable. This is why so many parents want to push their children into sports. Not only do they want them to be more healthy, but they also identify with the culture behind it. This can make it difficult to decide on what sports parents want their children to go into. We at Red Monkey Play have the answer for your schools with a MUGA pitch… they allow you to have it all!

What is a MUGA Pitch?

You are probably asking yourself how and why they allow you to have it all? More importantly: what is a MUGA pitch? We can give you all the answers.

A MUGA pitch is a ‘multi use game arena.’ In short, this allows your school to have one play area, but utilise it for many different sports and games.

This gives you and your school a lot of opportunities. These versatile areas allow children to enjoy a range of activities and sports, all within a safe environment. These usually have a number of different sets of line markings and come in a selection of specifications.

We will be discussing MUGA pitches in the context of schools and children, but their application is wide. They can be used for small schools, for sports clubs and even for some professional athletes in some cases. This means MUGA pitches offer a specialist space for children, young adults, and professionals wanting to improve their physical and social development.

What Types of MUGA Pitches Are There?

The best athletes are perfectionists and demand top-of-the-league facilities. We’re no different! Using a range of surfaces and products suitable for multiple sports, your playground can be transformed into a hub of sport which your pupils can enjoy in complete safety. There are six main types of MUGA pitch surfaces. These are:

Polymeric surface – Polymeric MUGA sports pitches are great for playing hockey, football, basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton, sprint training, athletics and general recreation. This type of surface is available in a wide variety of lines and colours for any sports.

Tarmac surface –The tarmac MUGA sports pitches can be used for mini-football, basketball, netball and tennis.

Acrylic surface – This type of surface can be great for volleyball, football, tennis, basketball and netball.

Sand-filled surface – The astroturf or sand-filled MUGA sports pitches are quite durable and ideal for a wide range of recreational sports including athletics, cricket, tennis, football and hockey.

Sand-dressed surface – This type of surface comes with superior play features and bounce for many sports including netball and tennis. You can also play hockey and football on the sand-dressed MUGA sports pitches.

3G man-made turf surface – In general, the surface with a 3D man-made turf is great for 7-a-side and 5-a-side football.

Why Use a MUGA Pitch in Your School?

Multi use games areas are great for schools and sports clubs as they offer a more cost-effective sports space for people to use. Since multiple sports can be played in one area, you will not have to pay for a number of facilities to be installed – instead, you will only need to pay for one construction. MUGAs are also great if you have limited space available, allowing you to maximise spatial efficiency.

This means MUGA pitches allow you to give access to a range of sports for your students, maximise the use of your space and get your students active and enjoying a variety of different activities. Rather than paying to install multiple spaces and maintaining them, you pay just the once for one space and only have to worry about maintaining this one space. Our MUGA areas can be easily installed using PE and Sports Premium funding, allowing you to continue investing in your pupils’ development.

Develop The Next Generation’s Athletes with Red Monkey Play

Get your students out and active with the perfect MUGA pitch for your school. We work with the highest quality materials to create our equipment. We aim to make all our equipment bespoke. Looking at what you need and design the perfect playground equipment for you. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

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