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Sand Play in the Sun

sand pit sensory playground

Bring the fun of the beach to your play area!
Summer is just around the corner, and as the sun starts to shine everyone is looking forward to trip to the beach. Well why not bring the beach to your play area by adding some sand play units this summer? Children love playing with sand, and with sand play units suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Red Monkey have something that’s sure to bring some sunshine to your play area.
To see our full range of sand play products, check out the Sand & Water section in our online brochure.

The educational benefits of sand play
Not only is playing with sand great fun, but sand play has loads of great educational benefits for young children too. From learning cooperating, sculpting and building, to improving hand-eye coordination, playing with sand is a great way to help children develop.
Topmarks education resources write:
‘Sand is a wonderful medium for stimulating imaginative play if you introduce dinosaurs, play people, zoo or farm animals to the sand.
Children enjoy making patterns in damp sand. They can make tracks with cars and other vehicles. If you provide ‘combs’ of card or plastic, with teeth of varying widths your child will be able to explore pattern making and mark-making.
Dry sand on trays is good for mark-making too. Children can use either their fingers or small sticks or brushes. It provides a medium for practising letters, numbers, shapes and patterns.’

Great sand play products from Red Monkey!
Our Freestanding Sandbox is made from the highest-quality play grade timber, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a lift-off lid to keep the sand dry and to keep animals out, it’s a no-fuss, no-mess unit that’s a perfect introduction to sand play. Bring the beach to your school or nursery this summer!


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