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The Importance of Role Play Using Pirate Ship Playground Equipment

pirate ship role play equipment for children

Playground equipment can be used to help further children’s development in so many ways. They can be used in natural learning, sensory development and also help with mental health. One of the great ways to use playground equipment is with role play! One of our favourite tools to facilitate role play with children is our pirate ship playground equipment. Let’s look at the importance of role play and why a pirate ship can help facilitate this…

What is Role Play?

Role-play is any speaking or physical activity when you either put yourself into somebody else’s shoes or when you stay in your own shoes but put yourself into an imaginary situation!

Imaginary people – The joy of role-play is that students can ‘become’ anyone they like for a short time. The President, the Queen, a pop star.. .the possibilities are endless! Students can also take on the opinions of someone else. ‘For and Against’ debates can be used and the class can be split into those who are expressing views in favour and those who are against the theme.

Imaginary situations – Functional language for a multitude of scenarios can be activated and practised through role-playing. ‘At the restaurant’, ‘Checking in at the airport’, ‘Looking for lost property’ are all possible role-plays.

Why is Role Play Important?

It is widely agreed that learning takes place when activities are engaging and memorable. Many teachers advocate the use of role-playing for a few reasons. It’s fun and motivating, quieter students get to express themselves in a different way and children get to leave the confines of the classroom setting via imagination. We at Red Monkey love this method of learning and we have a variety of outdoor playground equipment designed specifically for role play.

Role play is an important part of child development as it builds confidence, creativity communication, physical development and helps with problem-solving. Along with being a fun activity, it also allows children to get into character and act out real-life roles or fictional performances. It can be purely child-led and encourages children to take risks and be creative with the role they are playing. By investing in some themed props and equipment, it’s a fun way for little ones to learn about different professions and day-to-day situations.

How Best to Do Role Play in School Settings

Role-play is possible at younger learner levels providing the students have been thoroughly prepared. Try to think through the language the students will need and make sure this language has been presented. Students may need the extra support of having the language on the board.

It’s a good idea to spend time beforehand explaining the structures the students would need to use. Therefore, when the role-play begins, the students felt ‘armed’ with the appropriate language. At higher levels, the students will not need as much support with the language but they will need time to ‘get into’ the role.

How to Utilise Pirate Ship Playground Equipment in Role Play

What sounds more fun than pretending to be a pirate? Role-playing with pirate ship playground equipment has so many potential uses for you as a teacher. The most obvious would be to have you be the Captain, or an older student, and everyone else your crew. They all have their own roles and must sing their jobs like a pirate. This allows them to get into character and learn some new vocabulary.

Students will have to work together to complete some jobs, such as hoisting the sails and scrubbing the deck. This not only means roleplay will improve their vocabulary but their social and teamworking skills too. We even have an article dedicated to a huge game with vocabulary prompts for pirate shop playground equipment, check it out!

Discover the Possibilities of Role Play With Red Monkey Play

We believe in not only making fun playground equipment but equipment that will support the development of students. We use only the highest quality natural materials to help support the sensory development of children. Come check out the range of equipment we offer and get in touch to discuss opportunities for your schools. Everything we make can be bespoke for your school specifically. Contact us today!

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