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Red Monkey invest in adult apprenticeship scheme for employees

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We have cause to celebrate as eight of our manufacturing staff complete adult apprenticeships in Business Improvement Techniques.

We have seen great benefits in enrolling in the scheme. Many of our employees who took
part had not received business specific qualifications previously, and we wanted to change this.

Managing director, Simon Winfield said:

“We’re extremely pleased with the outcomes of the apprenticeships. The team now have skills that they can use in their normal working day to help improve the efficiency of the business. It’s helped them to work with their colleagues closer and we’re proud of the hard work and dedication that they have shown throughout their training.”

The twelve-month course required one day of training per week per person, which was
incorporated into their working week. The team gained skills such as project management
and working effectively in a team environment.

Dale Cox was one of the eight employees to complete the course.

“I believe the apprenticeships have really helped the team and the company in general. Personally, I’ve learnt to manage my workload a lot better. I’m also progressing from working on a bench to eventually becoming a team leader, managing my own team.”

Many of our apprentices also gained qualifications in Maths and English, alongside their Business Improvement Techniques qualification. Since completing the course, two new members of staff have expressed an interest in enrolling in the program.

Simon is positive that this will keep them at the forefront of the industry. He hopes that the training gained from the scheme will continue to have a positive impact and prove beneficial to the business.

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