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Keep Your Play Zones Tidy With Our Playground Storage and Fencing Solutions

The playground is a space not just for learning and playing, but a safe haven where children can relax, make friends, learn and discover new talents. Keeping your play zone tidy and safeguarding children is imperative for any school, and our range of playground storage and fencing allows you to do just that. Keep your school and playground equipment organised and safe with our hand-crafted outdoor storage solutions, which can be made bespoke to suit your requirements. Utilise our range of fencing to create separate play zones, line pathways, guide pupils or visitors and most importantly keep your children secure and safe.

The Benefits of Playground Storage Solutions

As well as fencing to keep students safe, you need storage solutions to keep playground equipment safe from adverse weather conditions. Our bespoke storage units provide you with a place which complements your children’s play areas. Our garage storage provides organisation with its well presented shelving, ensuring children can independently access the play and learning resources and equipment. 

Our play storage units not only can be used for housing equipment, but can also be transformed into creative play spaces. For example, becoming Percy the Park Keepers shed, or being The Three Bears home. 

To complement our natural woodland adventure units, we also offer rustic storage units. Organising your outdoor space with our rustic storage solution can make life infinitely tidier. The unit comes complete with shelving to keep all your resources safely stowed away.

Why Do You Need Playground Fencing?

Safeguarding is the number one priority for any school, so any equipment should be designed with security and safety in mind. Here at Red Monkey we provide highly effective and safe timber fencing solutions. We supply a number of bespoke fences or gates, to not only make your schools safe but also provide an attractive backstop. Our range of options suit a variety of outdoor areas and will allow your children to play safely.