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Transform Your Outdoor Space With Playground Surfacing

Our specially designed playground surfaces create the ideal flooring for every learning opportunity, from hopscotch to addition and subtraction. All our playground surfacing is durable and safe, making them perfect for any space or outdoor activity area. We have a large range of colours and textures, providing a wealth of opportunities to inspire and ignite children’s creativity. This ensures that outdoor play can fully support all aspects of learning and physical development.  

Why is Playground Surfacing Important?

Red Monkey playground surfacing ensures children can play and learn securely and safely. Playground safety surfacing and flooring provides a visually stimulating environment for children, through either educational patterns or with fun playground markings. You can also give the play area a more natural feel with artificial grass, resin bound surfacing or rubber mulch. This allows children to experience a breadth of textures while using their imaginations to express their thoughts and feelings. 

Our highly effective, impact absorbing range of rubber surfaces and rubber tiles, allows you to choose playground equipment that provides children with opportunities to take risks and solve problems. You have the confidence to allow children to play and learn independently while absorbing the skills you have taught them. 

What Kind of Surfacing Do We Have?

We have a huge range of playground surfacing to choose from, so you can be sure that your individual needs will be met by us. We pride ourselves on our innovative and creative approach to our designs, use of space and inspirational floor and wall markings. Each and everyone is specifically designed to provide both learning and play opportunities, to challenge and inspire children’s natural curiosity and determination.   

Our range of artificial grass is hard-wearing, as well as being an attractive surface solution for areas of intensive use. The look and feel of the artificial grass looks and feels like natural grass, making it versatile and multi functional. We also offer an extensive range of bark products from economy mulches to premium play grades which will look fabulous in natural investigation areas. 

We also offer a number of gravel or plastic-based flooring options. These provide you with an attractive anti-slip alternative to tarmac or concrete, which are easier to maintain and safer for your students. 

Our cost-effective Wet Pour rubber Playground Surface is designed to combine maximum safety performance with great durability. The surface consists of two layers: a base layer of coarse black granules made from recycled tyre rubber, and a coloured top layer of much finer rubber granules. Alongside this, we also offer grass mats, which add a layer of protection between the ground and your students. The mats have holes in them so natural grass can grow through them, giving them a natural aesthetic as well as more of a cushion for students if they fall. 

Alongside these, we provide resin bound gravel surfaces. These provide a non-slip gravel surface. Available in a wide range of colours, it is perfect for pathways, driveways, sensory areas and recreational areas. Logos and patterns can be incorporated within the surface making this a great choice for school entrances.