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Trim trails are a type of wooden climbing frame which helps to develop students’ coordination and strength through exercise. Whether leaping across a trim trail like a ninja warrior or taking their time and focusing on precision, our active play range of school playground equipment is here to be conquered by all students!

Advantages of Trim Trail Equipment

Trim trails for schools are excellent for physical and mental development, as they offer children a wide variety of fun play and learning opportunities to enjoy within the school playground. Also, the different features of each trim trail allow kids to develop core stability, coordination, and balance. 

Alongside this, each of our trim trails provides children with mental challenges and problems to solve, challenging them to plot how they are going to travel across the course, whilst developing the confidence to give it a go. 

Improved Fitness

Fitness trim trails strengthen the upper and lower body and improve coordination. They are a great way to encourage children to exercise in playgrounds and parks and to incorporate the elements of a trim trail further into their own exercise routines.

Each trim trail is carefully designed to improve motor skills and balance, alongside the development of children’s core muscles. This allows students to become much stronger and more coordinated, which has a direct transfer to writing skills in the classroom. 

Improved Social Skills

Fitness and teamwork aid in social development, the reason why traversing these fun adventure trails with other students encourages communication. 

You can now banish boring playtime and look forward to group activities that your students will truly love, filled with cooperation and cohesion, improved confidence and creativity, a little competition, and a lot of collaborative fun!


Our school playground design service allows the bespoke creation of equipment to match different levels of ability, and to suit your school’s specific needs. This is whether you are looking for something suitable for preschool children, or wish to create more of a difficult and challenging environment for older children.  

Red Monkey Play’s Trim Trails Range 

At Red Monkey Play, we use both timber and rope, the reason why each wooden trim trail has been innovatively designed to replicate a natural, challenging, and enjoyable play environment where children can develop balance, coordination, and imagination through role-playing.

Our playground trim trails range includes specific equipment that develops different physical attributes for students. For example, the Agility Trim Trail is designed to improve the student’s balance, as the ropewalk helps develop their strength. Additionally, your pupils can improve their core muscles and balance simultaneously with our Sloping Balance Rope Walk.

Finally, we have The Bridge Challenge, which is a mixture of bridges, stepping logs, and testing roped log walk designed to develop gross motor skills and balance. It features a fun sloping balance walk, wobbly bridge, log snake, log roll, burma bridge, sloping balance walk and log snake weaver.

Why Us?

By working with Red Monkey Play, you help support local UK businesses whilst encouraging sustainable practices. We’ve created a number of exciting playgrounds for schools across the country, which support teachers’ educational efforts. You can see all our projects and collaborations on our Case Studies page. 

We focus on outstanding playground design, which incorporates designing learning areas for schools and nurseries, linked to EYFS and National Curriculum that deliver results in improving children’s skills and performance. Even more, our learning areas have played a key part in delivering improved OFSTED ratings across the UK. 

All of our beautiful wooden playground equipment is lovingly made by hand in our Leicestershire workshop, using pre-treated and high-quality, low-maintenance play-grade timber from sustainable sources.