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Why You Should Invest in Our Outdoor Playground Equipment

Our range of outdoor playground equipment for schools can help boost your students in a number of ways. This innovative range of school playground equipment can help children of all ages with their physical development, social skills and imaginative play.

Our playground design service is completely bespoke for your school and we can create the perfect exciting playground for your students. We strongly believe in the ethos of outdoor learning and we encourage this with all of our products. Transform your outdoor spaces and develop your students with Red Monkey Play.

Red Monkey’s Mission

We design a wide range of innovative playground equipment that uses high-quality equipment and is suitable for any early years or primary school age and ability. We believe that combining play and learning helps foster the development of well-rounded students.

Classroom time is, of course, vital within the school but this always needs to be balanced with the benefits of fun and exploration. A child can get bored easily and loses interest if forced to repeat tasks. We will work with you to create an exciting play area, designed to ignite imaginations and instil a love for learning.

The Types of Playground Equipment

To keep things interesting, we create a number of different types of playground equipment. Children need a varied environment to stimulate their minds. This involves us creating a mixture of more traditional structures, like climbing frames, and some more inventive sensory equipment.

Climbing Frames

These are the more traditional structures that every school needs. Red Monkey Play’s range of Physical Development Climbing Frames let children do what they do best – run, jump, climb, crawl and play! With students sharing the space and interacting together, they encourage both physical development as well as social development.

Nature and Woodland Climbing Frames

These are our own takes on traditional climbing frame structures. They combine the physical development aspects of standard wooden climbing frames and add in some new materials to help with sensory development.

These ranges of playground equipment provide exciting materials for students to interact with and stimulate their senses. It is also the perfect opportunity to develop their social skills and creativity by roleplaying in these new spaces.