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Announcing our Outdoor Play Equipment Referral Scheme


Our new referral scheme for 2017 can help your school or nursery to receive FREE play equipment!

Knowing how much you love our outdoor play equipment, we hope you refer us to other establishments. If you do, we have a launched a reward scheme which can help you!

Red Monkey are delighted to introduce our new Referral Reward Scheme. The program allows you as our Red Monkey customers to build up rewards when you refer our service to another establishment. Once an order has been placed with Red Monkey for wooden play equipment, we will write back informing you of the financial reward you will both receive.

Once you receive your Red Monkey rewards, the amount can be used by your school or nursery to purchase any of our wooden outdoor play equipment (excluding flooring, surfacing and any other non-wooden play equipment), whether they pay for the whole item or not is up to you. Your rewards will be kept in your personalised Red Monkey account until you have acquired enough to purchase a desired product of your choice! You can purchase any of our wooden outdoor play equipment ranging from Play Blocks at £29.00 to a pirate ship for £7,999, or you can put your reward towards paying for a larger, bespoke playground design.

Fortunately, there is no time limit on using your Red Monkey Rewards, we will not delete or erase your rewards if they are not used after a period of time.

Our Customer Service Team at Red Monkey will send you half yearly statement detailing your remaining balance. Take this as the perfect opportunity to enchant your children with FREE magnificent outdoor play equipment!

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