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Outdoor Learning and Natural Play Improves Wellbeing

Bark floor surfacing in an outdoor school playground area

Playing outdoors gives children the chance to run free and explore beyond a physical classroom setting where there can sometimes be constraints. This exposure to natural play is paramount in helping children to have a positive mind and has been proven to improve their overall wellbeing. Lack of outdoor exposure can lead to a ‘nature deficit disorder’ which in children has been known to have links to behavioural concerns.

It’s recommended from the NHS that toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of 1-4 have at least three hours of physical activity daily and the more of this that can be outside, the better. While children are at school or have the opportunity to explore natural outdoor playground equipment, having the right equipment in place can be a perfect way to get them outside and ready for some natural play.

Embracing The Great Outdoors With Natural Play

We know the great British weather can sometimes let us down with the odd shower or downpour here and there. But whenever there is a dry spout – the kids should be out! It’s easy to come back to finish off an indoor activity but making the most of playing outside is a great opportunity for children to boost their Vitamin D and improve their mental wellbeing as well as help to reduce chances of nature deficit disorder. Through some natural physical exercise – they’ll get plenty simply from running around in a bigger space than the classroom. 

On those dry days, there’s no reason why children can’t take their learning outside too. Our range of outdoor classrooms and shelters are a brilliant way to maintain the curriculum while making the most of being outdoors. We can help to create tables and chairs which can be neatly stowed away in an outdoor storage space as you build a classroom setting that works for everyone.  

When it’s time for the books to go away, children can explore their imaginations in a natural play setting and have plenty of fun with a number of role play options. There really is something for every exploration or adventure. From an outdoor wooden train to enchanting towers, our range of natural outdoor playground equipment will boost their imagination and overall well being.

At One With Nature

Children will enjoy touching and feeling outdoor textures which is to be entirely expected. Whether it’s from hiding behind tree trunks to picking up leaves and twigs as part of an adventure trail, their little fingers will be used to that ‘natural feeling’. After all, synthetic materials to create an environment is slightly misleading in preparing children for what they will see and touch outside of their playground or school setting.

Commonly associated with The Curiosity Approach, this exposure to natural play is increasingly becoming the norm and is extremely popular when it comes to outdoor playground equipment. That’s why all of our natural outdoor play equipment is made from solid and long-lasting materials such as timber and wood. 

Our ‘nature’ collection has everything from logs to bark to create real-life experiences for children as they explore their outdoor setting. They’ll love getting their hands dirty with nature in this Messy Kitchen and watch them whip up a batch of mud cakes or check out this Messy Table. Both of these are pieces of natural outdoor play equipment with plenty of storage for stocking up on sandbags and handy utensils. While they’ve got their hands nice and mucky, why not teach them all about making compost in this wonderful wormery.

Why Invest In Outdoor Learning With Red Monkey Play?

The biggest benefit of natural outdoor play equipment is that children can learn some hands-on skills while enjoying fresh air and hopefully some sunshine to boost their well being. At Red Monkey Play, we have over twenty years of experience in hand-crafted outdoor playground equipment. Our team works with you every step of the way to instil a love of learning and can create bespoke equipment to fit your space or specifications to inspire young minds. 

For more information or advice on our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can either email us at hello@redmonkeyplay.co.uk or call our Leicester office on 0116 366 9922 or our London office on 020 38445 525 to book your free consultation.

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