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The Arts

Children of any age or skill level can enjoy our Arts equipment, designed to stimulate their creative side. Drawing, exploring, and making music helps children learn how to express themselves, and provides an alternative environment to more physical playground equipment. Kids can work collaboratively or alone to practice their all-important visual and musical skills.

Mini Xylophone Table

L: 0.8m W: 0.5m H: 0.5m

Children of all ages benefit from stimulating learning environments. Incorporating music into your outdoor playground will help children learn how to express themselves. The mini xylophone table is ideally suited to nurseries keen to provide young children with physical and cognitive play opportunities, but we also do a primary height version. Our mini xylophone tables can also come with chime options. 

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EY + KS1

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Children playing with mini xylophone school playground equipment

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Copycat Panel

L: 1.1m W: 5m H: 1.1m

Drawing plays a vital role in a child’s development. Our copycat panel consists of a double-sided chalkboard, providing children with endless entertainment. The panel encourages social interaction and development through imitation, numeracy and artistic skills.

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Magnify Table

L: 350mm W: 350mm H:500mm

Encourage children to explore the natural world around them and stimulate their knowledge of science from an early age. By incorporating a magnifying table into your play area, you’ll be encouraging children to get up close to bugs and insects in a safe and controlled environment. You can even use the table to take a closer look at drawings and artwork.

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KS1 + KS2


Children playing with magnify Table in school playground

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