School playground equipment for role play-Jolly Roger pirate ship


Role play

Role play is a key part in every child’s development, and our dens, houses and hideaways are the perfect place for kids to let their imaginations run free. Our Jolly Roger pirate ship combines active play with storytelling skills as children of all ages can create their own pirating adventure. In fact, we’ve actually installed more pirate ships than there were sailing in the Spanish Armada!

Dens and shelters can be transformed into houses, shops, nurseries, or just a quiet place to settle down and relax. Did you know we could make 10,000 of our bestselling outdoor Adventure playhouses out of the world’s largest tree the Sierra Redwood? Amazing!

Pirate Ship

L: 3.7m W: 3.7m H (platform): 0.9m

Our popular outdoor pirate ship playhouse unit brings the fun of the high seas to your play area. The Pirate Ship is the ultimate of pirate ships and features a wobbly bridge gangway, a cabin below the deck and a climbing frame. The Pirate Ship can be customised to meet your exact needs. 

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KS1, KS2


Marriott Primary School bespoke playground equipment including Pirate Ship

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Adventure House

L: 2.4m W: 2m H: 1.3m

It’s like having a little piece of Middle Earth in your playground – minus the hobbits of course! Hours of fun will be had as little minds go into overdrive role playing in this amazing outdoor playhouse.

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Shop front

L: 1.2m H:1.5m

Ideal for imaginary play and role playing, adding a shop front element to your play area is beneficial for social interaction and co-operation. As well as taking turns playing shopkeeper and customer, children also use their imaginations to transform the shopfront into a doctor’s surgery, post office, bakery and much more.

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Shop Fronts and Bank kids playground equipment

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Children playing in outdoor playhouse

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Nursery Den

L: 1.2m W:1.2m H:1.8m

What child doesn’t enjoy making or playing in a den? They can be shelters, hideaways or simply a place to go for some quiet time. Dens make great centre pieces for play areas and provide the perfect outdoor playhouse space for children to engage in active play.

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