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7 Reasons to Invest in new Nursery Playground Equipment

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A nursery has a vital responsibility, through its playground equipment, to best facilitate a child’s key development of social skills, imagination and physical development from an early age. Nursery playground equipment can really aid in this.

The best way to develop a young child’s senses is through active participation – which sensory playground equipment can provide. Through investing in outdoor playground equipment, your children will be moving, running, climbing and jumping through the world around them and learning to process sensory input during the activity.

Therefore, we have compiled 7 reasons why it’s vitally important for a child’s development to invest in Nursery Playground Equipment:

Promote Outdoor Learning

We understand that a child’s brain is extremely animated at nursery age, meaning that keeping these active imaginations focused on any classroom-based activity can often be difficult. Therefore, providing an engaging outdoor space for children to learn, listen and collaborate is a great way to freshen up engagement and encourage learning in an exciting new environment. Our outdoor classrooms & sail canopies for schools can also be used as shelters or reading areas where children can feel comfortable to relax during free time.

Our Sunshade Canopy is a prime example of our ability to provide a suitably engaging space to extend a child’s learning outdoors whilst simultaneously balancing this with a bright, enchanting feel to make your children feel safe and relaxed in amongst the flower pattern printed onto the weather-protected polycarbonate roof.

Improve Mental Well-Being

It goes without saying that physical exercise improves the physical health of young children and heightens their physical development. However, it is also understood that outdoor play, physical exercise and natural playground equipment has a further positive impact on mental health. Research has shown that being outdoors is proven to improve wellness and mental wellbeing generally. Being outdoors within a natural environment also exposes children to sunlight – providing them with vitamin D which is vital for their own growth.

Encourage Engagement

Allowing children to get messy with outdoor sensory play equipment, like Water Falls or Sand Boxes is a guaranteed way to spark their imagination in new and engaging ways. Nature play features such as these allow the children to immerse themselves in the activity and release excess energy. This releasing of energy can be hugely beneficial for the remainder of the school day as it helps to encourage active engagement in many areas of classroom learning.

Help develop social skills

We firmly understand that all children are unique and have their own personal preferences and interests. A noisy and hectic playground may not be for everyone, which is why we believe it is important to offer a range of social spaces within your playground to encourage the development of social skills and inclusion. Wooden playscapes and outdoor shelters allow your children to escape with nature and explore their environment comfortably – whilst facilitating lifelong friendships to blossom in the process.

Impart a value for nature

Implementing natural elements into our sensory playground equipment is a reflection of our own love for the world around us. Maintaining a natural theme throughout the playground lets your children connect more with nature, learn about their environment and develop a love for the more natural elements of our planet. Wooden playground equipment will fit perfectly into a natural woodland area with sand, wood chips, rocks and trails.

Those with a fear of creepy crawlies look away now! Bug City is one of our favourite ways in which we offer children the opportunity to explore their fascination with the outdoors around them in a safe, controlled playground environment. This robust timber unit is filled with rustic untreated logs to attract bugs, spiders and other creepy-crawlies. Providing children with a unique opportunity to observe bugs exactly as they should – in their natural habitat. A great way to promote nature play & learning through outdoor playground equipment.

Promote physical development

From a very young age, children are gifted with sensory experience which they can’t wait to explore. Babies watch moving objects with their sight, try to touch caregivers with their fingers, move their mouth to taste anything they can get hold of and eventually start walking and running towards things that pique their interest. As children get older and begin nursery, their physical development enters a hugely important period of their life as their abilities to control motor skills, move into new spaces and balance in different ways becomes increasingly advanced. The best sensory playground equipment understands the importance of safety whilst equally giving kids the best opportunity to do what they do best – be kids! That’s why our environments allow children to run, jump, climb, crawl and play through their world and offer physical challenges which develop coordination and balance skills through interactive social play.

The Balance Adventure area incorporates the best of imagination and physical activity for young children – featuring a tunnel mound covered in artificial grass alongside a walkway, platform and slide. This exciting unit is a great example of how our products can be precisely customised to suit the requirements of any nursery and its children.

Facilitate the next generation of child prodigies

We firmly believe that a love for the arts is born at a very young age and isn’t something which should begin or end in the classroom or home. Drawing, exploring and making music helps children learn how to creatively express themselves and provides an alternative sensory playground environment to the more physical playground equipment. Children of every age benefit from arts equipment which stimulates their understanding of self-expression and promotes the variety of skills related to communication, creativity and critical thinking which develop later.

Studies have proven that music development is vital to a number of crucial skills among young children. Highly-esteemed psychologist Howard Gardner has proposed that musical intelligence is no less important than that of logical or emotional intelligence – whilst running parallel to that of linguistic, language-based intelligence. Designed to use in controlled environments and perfect for a nursery playground, our Bongos Musical Play Panel promotes a musical interest and intelligence from a young age – comprised of three bongo sizes which produce different sound types and angled mounting for easier, inclusive play.

Over To You

We here at Red Monkey Play pride ourselves in crafting unique and engaging sensory playground equipment and environments for children which are vital in developing crucial skills, encouraging learning and reaching goals. With imagination at the heart of everything, we have been capturing the attention of school children for over 20 years – whilst always maintaining the use of safe and environmentally friendly playground equipment in the process.

We work with schools and nurseries across the UK to create stunning bespoke playgrounds – and we’d love to work with you too. Discover more and explore our wide range of sensory playground equipment: get in touch today to find out how we can restore the fun into your playground.

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