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How to Implement Wooden Playground Equipment For Schools Into Your Lesson Plans

Wooden Adventure Play Unit for kids play outdoors at school

Whilst the classroom is an important environment for the development of young children, it is also just as important to change their surroundings and give them fresh new places to learn and explore new skills. For example, this can be done if you have fantastic school playground equipment that can not only be utilised during those precious break times but also in your lesson plan.

If you’re looking for clever ways to create an engaging and effective lesson plan for your class of young minds, we’re here to help! In this article, we talk about how you can implement wooden playground equipment for schools into your lesson plans, filled with valuable tips and tricks.

Why Wooden Children’s Playground Equipment

We believe that school playground equipment plays a vital role in the mental, physical, and sensory development of young children, and is something that all teachers should try and include in their lesson plans. 

Not only will it help to break up time in the classroom and give children the chance to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, but it can also be used to help assist with their learning in a positive way. It is well known that outdoor learning and natural play improve wellbeing, and a great way to embrace teaching your students in this unique way is to implement wooden playground equipment into your lesson plans.

At Red Monkey Play, we have years of experience when it comes to designing outdoor playground equipment. This experience gives us the confidence to advise teachers and schools on how to fully make the most of their equipment and incorporate it into their daily teachings.

Role Play Is Perfect For Retaining Information

There are many reasons why is creative play important for children’s development, and the main one is that role play is a fantastic way for children to use their minds creatively to explore different roles and characters. This is why we’ve decided to create a wide and exciting range of dedicated role play equipment. We believe wooden playground equipment for schools is perfect to use when teaching your children about history, especially castles and medieval times!

For example, you can say that the wooden playground equipment represents a castle, and you can assign your students’ different roles and characters, as well as jobs that people within the castle walls would have. This is a fun way for children to learn about Kings, Queens, and life back in medieval times as they can explore different roles, gain an understanding of how castles were run, and ultimately, have fun whilst learning. And this is why free play is so important, as having fun whilst learning has been proven to help children retain information better as the process is more engaging and enjoyable for them.

Wooden children’s playground equipment is also useful when teaching drama classes as children love props and the physical dimension to learning really helps them retain the information. Children can use the play equipment as a base for their wonderful stories and performances and interact with it to tell stories in an engaging way for their classmates. Setting the scene is an important part of any drama performance, so you could always decorate the equipment in the best way that will help your students feel more immersed and engaged.    

Problem Solving With Play Equipment

Are you looking for ways in which to include wooden playground equipment for schools in your maths lessons? Well, it is surprisingly easy and definitely very effective and impactful! Many of our sensory playground equipment sets feature moveable pieces and parts that children can navigate, which means they’ll be using their frontal lobe the most, a part of the brain that is used for problem-solving.

By doing this, you can let your students engage their brains in different ways, which in turn gives them a better grasp of problem-solving skills in a fun environment. Following this, they will hopefully be able to come back into the classroom, ready to tackle some maths questions with a refreshed and engaged brain.

At Red Monkey Play, we have Play Panels that can be installed on playground equipment for schools that are perfect for use in maths lessons, so children can actively learn about mathematics and problem-solving. For example, our This shape is a…NGP Play Panel allows children to learn different shapes and their names, making it a great addition to any school classroom! 

Putting Children’s Learning Into Action

So you’ve just finished teaching your class about the human body in a fun and factual science or sports lesson, but how can you show examples to your students to help them get a better understanding of how it all works? By keeping things as visual and physical as possible to really solidify their learning.

Well, wooden school playground equipment can be the perfect tool for teachers to show children the different ways in which their amazing bodies work! For example, you could:

  • Get a student to climb and navigate a clamber stack – when a child is navigating the play equipment, you can explain to the class how they are using their eyes, mind, and body to work across the play equipment
  • Have a child walk across a trim trail – this is a perfect way to explain how we use our eyes, joints, and muscles to keep us upright and balanced
  • Ask one of your students to crawl through a tunnel or propel themselves on a swing – by doing this, you can explain to your children how our joints such as our knees, can bend and move around to assist with our mobility

Some of the best ways you can solidify a child’s learning are by allowing them to put their new skills into practice. Wooden playground equipment for schools is the perfect tool for this, as children use all kinds of skills and senses when using this kind of play equipment.

Choose High-Quality Wooden Playground Equipment For Schools

Are you looking to invest in high-quality wooden school playground equipment for your school to offer your students the best learning experience? If so, contact us today to discuss the best options available to you!

At Red Monkey Play, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke playground equipment for schools and nurseries that can not only be used as a source of fun during playtimes but also as a useful tool for a teacher during their lesson plan.

Fun, learning, and play go hand in hand and they are all vital processes to help with the development of young minds. And you can ensure they have the best possible start to their future by choosing safe, reliable, and high quality playground equipment with us!

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