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A cool donation for a great cause

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Leicestershire charity Alex’s Wish is an amazing charity which aims to support people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a condition which affects 1 in every 3,500 boys.

Established by the wonderful Emma Hallam whose own son, Alex, lives with Duchenne, Alex’s Wish is working towards a world where there is a cure for the condition. This summer, inspired by the Summer Solstice and San Juan celebrations in Spain, Alex’s Wish held an amazing fundraising evening which saw over £30,000 raised.

Yes, £30,000. What an amazing achievement!

Taking place at Winstanley House in Leicester, the Alex’s Wish fundraiser brought together more than 160 guests for a night of entertainment, a drinks reception, and delicious food. As part of the fundraiser, businesses and individuals from far and wide donated prizes for a raffle and charity auction.

To show our support for such an amazing cause, we donated one of our new wooden cool boxes to the auction, which also featured other incredible entries such as a signed portrait of Paul Gascoigne, a football signed by the England national team, and a dinner party for 10. It was a great moment to see our latest product in a line-up of prestigious prizes and we hope that it fits in well at its new home!

CoolBoxDonation1 - A cool donation for a great causeCoolBoxDonation2 - A cool donation for a great causeCoolBoxDonation3 - A cool donation for a great cause

Being involved in supporting the community is always important to us here at Red Monkey Play, especially when it comes to charities supporting such inspirational children like Alex. We were so taken by his and Emma’s story that we simply had to show them our support.

Hearing how strong Alex is really inspires us all, and it was incredible to see so many of our fellow Leicestershire businesses and friends getting involved in the summer fundraiser. The support everyone has shown Alex’s Wish will go a long way towards ensuring anyone affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy is not alone.

We have more of these bespoke cool boxes like the one we donated to the fundraiser available for you to purchase for your own home. Pam Marr, who won it at the auction, is very pleased with her prize!

cool box 600x300 - A cool donation for a great cause

To learn more about the cool box, please get in touch with our team. And a huge thank you to Alex’s Wish for allowing us to donate to the auction – we’re looking forward to hearing more about the charity’s work in the future!


BESA in conversation with our MD, Simon Winfield

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The concept of active learning has now been accepted as helping students learn. How does Red Monkey’s equipment contribute to children’s learning? 

We work with schools and education professionals to understand what they want and how we can best deliver a solution. This enables us to develop new and existing products to meet the needs of teachers, and help our products provide active learning and fun. If a piece of equipment does not incorporate activity for the child they will not engage with it, which is why we incorporate lots of detail to meet these requirements, as well as build larger pieces of play equipment to ensure children are physically active, too. We consider the requirements of the curriculum and work both internally and externally to ensure we accommodate the key components as much as possible in our products.


Is it difficult to convince schools and academies of the benefits of engaging outdoors equipment on children? 

Outdoor learning and play is a key constituent in all schools, so we do not often encounter a need to convince people of the benefits of outdoor play and learning, or our equipment. What we offer is a comprehensive service to ensure we work with the schools to maximise the space, budgets and learning priorities that they have. We do this through our design consultants, who are visiting schools every day and have a vast knowledge and experience of what works with the current trends. This ensures that our customers benefit from some of the best playground design skills in the UK.


Marriott Primary School 125 600x400 - BESA in conversation with our MD, Simon Winfield


With childhood obesity being a recurrent topic in the media, how is Red Monkey playing a role in encouraging children to move and be active? 

All of our products incorporate some form of physical activity and we continue to develop this theme in our product development. We have always been committed to promoting and encouraging children to be involved in physical activity; while we do this through our products, we also actively support community initiatives that help deliver this activity for primary school children. These include sponsorship of a girls’ football team, being a major supporter of Leicester Riders Professional Basketball Team and Leicestershire County Cricket Club, enabling them to deliver activities to primary school children. We also support the NHS’ Move It Boom project, which targets helping primary school children become more active.


Primary Goals 3 - BESA in conversation with our MD, Simon Winfield


Red Monkey is used to working with schools with a high number of children with special educational needs. How much, and in what ways, does the equipment need to be redesigned?  

We have developed a strength in our offering for children with special educational needs by working with a number of schools. We recently worked with Ashmount School in Loughborough, carefully listening to what the teachers wished to achieve and then coming up with a range of ideas and suggestions. This incorporated redesigning some of our existing products to provide additional accessibility for the children, as well as making them more interactive. We used our skills and machinery to produce products with more tactile features, as well as colour and fun aspects, and the school is delighted with the outcome.

Health and safety responsibilities always come first

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Though it’s important for pupils to have fun at school and enjoy themselves, their safety should come first. There will always be that one pupil who runs in the corridor when they’re not supposed to, or who plays a dangerous game on the climbing frames.

The safety of pupils is at the forefront of every headteacher’s mind, and ours too. This is why we do everything we can to assess and minimise the risks of our playground equipment while still allowing them to develop their freedom.


A 6-step plan for safe outdoor equipment

6Steps 1 - Health and safety responsibilities always come first

There’s a lot of thought which goes into every product we make here at Red Monkey Play. Though each one is unique and bespoke, we make sure that they go through a detailed risk assessment and are completed in accordance with the national curriculum and safety guidelines.

Safety is a key part of our design process as well. Because we carry out a pre-installation visit ahead of creating our equipment, we can gain a really strong understanding of where the climbing frame or outdoor gym will sit and what we can do to make this space as safe as possible. This includes looking at the height of monkey bars through to choosing a soft playground surface to minimise injury.

Once the equipment has been designed and manufactured, it goes through an extensive inspection and carries a 10-year guarantee. If something doesn’t meet our high safety standards, it doesn’t leave our workshop.


A team trained in health & safety

w 2 - Health and safety responsibilities always come first

Our playground equipment creators have one thing in common; their focus and dedication to manufacturing products which are both safe and fun for the pupils who will be using them.

Each member of our team is fully trained and qualified in a host of safety standards. They also have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of particular areas such as BS EN 176, CHAS, and SMAS. And they always use this knowledge to ensure your pupils can enjoy their playground in complete safety.

To add another string to our health and safety bow, we also have staff members who are qualified and accredited inspectors with The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII). This means that they can spot anything that might cause a safety risk and implement a solution to resolve it before it becomes a more prominent issue. 


Can we make your playground a fun and safe environment?

With safety and risk being monitored and assessed at all stages of our products’ production, you can be assured that we leave no stone unturned in making them as safe as possible. We take pride in being professional and reliable, delivering quality each time.

If you’re looking to make your playground or outdoor space a fun and safe place, our team is here to make that happen. Take a look at some of our previous work or read some of our recent testimonials.


If you are interested in our services you can speak to our playground equipment professionals on 0116 3669922 for more information.

Welcoming Holy Cross Catholic Primary School to our workshop

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Crafting unique playground equipment takes a special skillset, and our team of designers take great pride in what they create. So, when the staff and pupils of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School came for a visit, we were keen to show them what we can do.

The pupils had their own private tour of our workshop in Wigston, and they had the chance to see the different steps involved in making our playground equipment. Our design team demonstrated how they put together the various components of outside equipment, giving the pupils plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

At Red Monkey, we pride ourselves in only using the highest quality materials available, and that the schools we work with know exactly where these materials have come from. Holy Cross’s pupils showed great interest as we explained how we choose our materials and why the environment is an important part of that choice.


w - Welcoming Holy Cross Catholic Primary School to our workshop

We then let the fun commence by giving the pupils a chance to become Red Monkey designers themselves. With our team on hand to supervise, the pupils learnt some of the techniques used on each piece of equipment we make.

Taking this learning on board, the children were able to safely partake in some wood drilling themselves, and it was lovely to see our workshop full of happy little workers!

It was very rewarding for the Red Monkey team to see how enthusiastic the pupils were during the activities, and how proud they were when they saw their finished results.

Encouraging school children to develop their abilities and work together as part of a team is at the heart of what we do at Red Monkey Play. Giving Holy Cross’s pupils the opportunity to learn something outside of the normal classroom environment was a great experience for our team.

We’d like to say a huge well done to the pupils at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School for listening to our team and for working so well while at our workshop.

We’re always keen to meet with the schools that we work with, and our workshop doors are always open. If you’re interested in providing your pupils with a school visit that involves fun activities and education, please contact us on 0116 366 9922 or email and we’ll arrange a visit!

Playgrounds are the Start of the Social Sphere

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What do you see out of your window at break or lunch time? Or even in that short period before school where your pupils play together just inside the school gates? You’re seeing them enjoying being part of a group and having a sense of belonging.

That sense of friendship starts early on in life and as they get older, children continue building those all-important social skills they’ll have learnt from games like hop-scotch or Simon Says.

The playground is where it all starts! Playing in the playground is so important for enhancing children’s social skills and emotional wellbeing, and here are three ways a playground design can start building those all-important skills.

Being part of a team in a safe environment

Games are a great way for children to learn about the importance of teamwork. A multi-games area, better known as MUGA, can help your pupils build their confidence and is a great way to hold friendly competitions. As well as the surface, our MUGA areas have quality products such as goals and hoops fitted using the strongest materials.

Whether your pupils are looking to become the next David Beckham or Jessica Ennis-Hill, they have the perfect place to develop their skills with their friends cheering them on.

MUGA - Playgrounds are the Start of the Social Sphere

Expressing their inner hero (or villain!)

Who was your favourite superhero growing up? Role-playing is a perfect opportunity for your pupils to enjoy living the life of their inner hero or villain, setting their imagination free with their friends. And for a plot twist, the heroes and villains can enjoy lunch together afterwards! Role-playing is also key to a child’s development as it allows them to develop their creativity.

Every good story needs a setting and products like our pirate ships and crow’s nests can help start the first chapter. Whether your pupils want to be Spiderman or Captain Blackbeard, we have the product to set the scene.

Play - Playgrounds are the Start of the Social Sphere

Creating a work of art

What better way to bring your pupils together than through creativity? Music and art have been proven to be an effective way of encouraging pupils to work together and share ideas, whether they’re dream of being the next Van Gough or Mozart. No matter what their skill level or favourite method, our outdoor art equipment is ideal for encouraging your pupils to express themselves and their talents. Aspiring artists can either work together in a group or on their own, and musicians can practise using our outdoor xylophones.

As well as giving budding artists a place to practice, our outdoor art equipment also lets you take art out of the classroom. Teaching an art class outside allows inspiration to flow naturally and you might find that your pupils start encouraging each other.

Art - Playgrounds are the Start of the Social Sphere

Build a perfect social sphere for your pupils

Here at Red Monkey Play, our expert designers are passionate about enabling pupils of all ages to develop the skills they’ll need for later on in life. All of our products are designed to fit in with the National Curriculum and to fit your unique requirements.

Call us on 0116 3669 922 and find out how we can help you build your social sphere. Get in contact we would love to hear from you.

3 Ways of Creating the Perfect Spring Playground

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The cold and snow (finally!) seem to be over with, and we’re well into spring. With brighter weather on the horizon, your school playground is the perfect place for children to get out and enjoy what Spring has to offer, as well as being a chance for them to get some fresh air after their lessons.

Every playground is different of course, but with a little decoration and some creative touches, creating a playground that your pupils will love is easier than you might think. Here are some top tips, courtesy of the Red Monkey team.

DIY art using logs and rocks

Spare logs and rocks present a unique way for your pupils to express their creativity. They have been the home of stunning artwork for generations, so why not teach the new aspiring artists in your school outside in the Spring sunshine with logs and rocks as their canvas.

Their creations could be used to add a splash of colour to your playground whilst getting your pupils working together and giving them encouragement. And like many of the great artists, they’ll be inspired by taking the art lesson outside.

To bring even more colour to your playground, why not take a look at our thermoplastic playground markings. Our Number Grid and Hopscotch Squares are vibrant, durable, and can brighten up your space, creating an area that pupils can enjoy all-year round.

RMP1 600x225 - 3 Ways of Creating the Perfect Spring Playground

Not your average stuck-in-the-mud

Who remembers that playground favourite, stuck-in-the-mud? It might be fun for lunchtime, but

Bugs 281x400 - 3 Ways of Creating the Perfect Spring Playground

Bug Home

what about literally getting hands stuck into mud and soil? Gardening lessons can teach pupils the importance of where their food comes from as well as giving them a sense of responsibility. And there’s no better time to start learning than in Spring!

Not only that, but practical science lessons and gardening brings the whole class together and lets them connect with nature. There are so many possibilities with outside science lessons and here at Red Monkey Play we can help create an engaging lesson for everyone to enjoy!

Our outside planter Bugs Life & Planter not only gives your pupils a place where they can plant and tend to seeds, but also attracts the local creepy-crawlies which is great for them to learn about the creatures they share the garden with at home. And with other planter boxes available, you can add life to your playground as well as motivating your pupils to get practical in the lessons.

Go big or go home-time

To truly transform your playground and make a difference in your pupils’ learning experience, Outdoor Classrooms provide a different yet interactive place to add something different to your lessons.

Earth Pod 2 - 3 Ways of Creating the Perfect Spring Playground

Taking the lesson outside is a sure-fire way to get your pupils engaged in your lesson, plus a change from the everyday classroom is an exciting opportunity for them. Whether you’re just looking for a comfortable space for small group sessions or the full classroom experience with a larger class, outdoor classrooms can also be comfortable places for your pupils to relax.

Each one of our outdoor classrooms is made from the best quality material so that even when the rainy weather returns, you can still enjoy using your space. And with products designed and built according to your own unique requirements, transforming your playground into a real learning hub couldn’t be easier!

Putting enjoyment into education

There is so much you can achieve through having a fun playground. And giving pupils the chance to enjoy their time learning at school is at the heart of what we do here at Red Monkey Play.

Ready to transform your playground this Spring? Get in Contact we would love to hear from you.

Simon Winfield is proud to play an active role as a BESA member

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We are delighted to announce that we have renewed our membership with British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) – a leading UK trade body for Educational Suppliers – after a successful first year of being involved with the organisation.

An even more exciting announcement is that our Managing Director at Red Monkey Play, Simon Winfield, has been appointed as Chairman of the Early Years Special Interest Group, and has therefore subsequently joined the BESA National Executive Committee.

“Being a member of BESA has worked wonders for us here at Red Monkey Play during the last year and being appointed to the Executive Council was a proud moment for myself with such a reputable organisation,” Simon explains. “It has given us the chance to meet and interact with other members, and their support and friendship has been a real revelation. BESA really reflects our beliefs at Red Monkey Play and the ethos of our business whilst also being an organisation with a great reputation that works tirelessly for its members.”

Simon is grateful for collaborative opportunities that we have been able to work on with other BESA members, and hopes that they can continue sharing their respective experiences in order to support one another. These opportunities have already produced significant results and Simon believes this will continue in the future.

“I felt it was very important for us at Red Monkey Play to become actively involved in BESA’s activities straightaway,” Simon added. “From being actively involved, we’ve been able to learn from other members as well as bring our own experiences to the table and this has created a really strong sense of community and collaboration which I’m proud to be a part of as a Council member.”

BESA is the leading UK trade body for Educational Suppliers and has a strong reputation within education and government. The organisation has a strong Code of Practice which our team strives to believe in and is committed to, ensuring that customers are at the centre of everything the company does. Simon feels that as a supplier of equipment to primary schools, it is important for the team to support the organisation. By being appointed to the Executive Council, Simon feels we can be at the forefront of delivering excellence throughout the entire education sector.

All of our equipment is purpose-built at the company’s Leicestershire facilities in accordance with National Curriculum guidelines. To find out more about our products, please click here.

We’re encouraging kids to get active through the ‘Move it Boom’ initiative

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We’re proud to be supporting the Move It Boom initiative organised by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT). To get the event up and running – literally – Red Monkey mascot took part in a mascot’s race alongside the Trust’s five other partners.

After a warm-up at Leicester’s Town Hall, the Red Monkey mascot headed to a nearby primary school and took part in some fun activities with the school children, before arriving at The Grove in Braunstone for a celebration event.

Move It Boom RMP PR 577x400 - We're encouraging kids to get active through the 'Move it Boom' initiative

Simon Winfield, Director at Red Monkey Play, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Move it Boom this year, as getting kids active is at the heart of everything we do. Our Red Monkey mascot certainly enjoyed the race and it was a great opportunity to teach the children our new game! Initiatives like Move It Boom are a fantastic way to encourage pupils to keep active and that it’s more than just the lessons that they have at school. We are delighted to be showing our support this year.

The Move It Boom initiative is now in its third year. The website is now live and pupils can win points for their school by logging their physical activities on the Move it Boom website ( These points will enable the pupils to build and upgrade their own virtual robot. The more activities the pupils log, the more advanced their robot will become, and the more points that will be added to their school’s total. During the last event in 2016, over 47,000 activities were logged from over 200 primary schools across Leicestershire.

As an incentive for local schools to get involved, we have donated £1,000 worth of wooden playground equipment for the winning school, which will be announced on 6 July.

28811083 570373463342706 581874185 o - We're encouraging kids to get active through the 'Move it Boom' initiative

Our equipment is designed to help pupils express their imaginations and enables them to build the skills they’ll need for later in life,” Simon explains. “Over the years, we’ve worked with schools of all ages and it’s always such a great reward seeing the difference that the equipment makes to the pupils and the school’s space.”

Move It Boom runs until 29 June. More information can be found on the initiative’s website,

Is playtime important? Let’s A, B, See…

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The benefits of play have been well documented over the years as various studies examine development through the different interactions children have in the playground. Play equipment and building a great playground can be as important to a child’s education as writing a great lesson plan. Children need two types of ABC’s to continue evolving into a stronger person all-round. You’ve got the alphabet ‘ABC’ and then there’s the playful ABC:




Advantages of play include

Children need these skills to help with their cognitive and social skills later on in life. How can you improve learn and play development without it being so complex and demanding for parents and teachers? Well that’s where Red Monkey Play comes in.

Agility improves children’s speed and direction which increases health benefits as children are more likely to take part in sport activities. Our wide range of Trim Trails are ideal for agility. Products from our Outdoor Gym Equipment range is a great kick-start to get children on sprint mode.

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Is playtime important? Let's A, B, See...Trim Trail - Is playtime important? Let's A, B, See...

Balance is one step ahead to defying gravity and goes hand in hand with sports because of its help with motor skills. By using balancing activities in their day to day play, children are able to build their control and accuracy faster. We have many products that can help with a child’s balance such as our Wet-Pour Playground Surface and the Development Trail.

Wet pour Playground Surface - Is playtime important? Let's A, B, See...Development Trail - Is playtime important? Let's A, B, See...

Coordination can come from sensory processing, gestures and facial performance as well as concentration. All of which are strong development points as children grow.

Children can immerse themselves in a tactile world of fun with our Water Wall, an essential element of any playground. The Messy Kitchen is another ideal product for all those budding cooks and chefs. Both products encourage hand-eye coordination.

Waterwall - Is playtime important? Let's A, B, See...Messy Kitchen - Is playtime important? Let's A, B, See...

Imagination is at the heart of everything we do at Red Monkey. We don’t just design and install children’s playground equipment. We’re just a call away if you want the ideal play equipment or playground design for your school or nursery.

For more products and information please have a look at our brochure.

We’re Recruiting – Business Development Assistant

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Business Development Assistant

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Business Development Assistant at a growing dynamic business in Wigston, Leicester.

Red Monkey Play Ltd who design, build and supply play equipment for the education market are seeking an enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated person to take on this new role.

Location – Wigston, LE18

Job type: Part-time minimum of 22.5 hours per week

Salary: competitive dependent on experience.

The role will include:

You will have the following skills:

Please submit your up to date CV along with a covering letter by email to Nick Wright Contact Number 0116 3669926

Closing date 12 January 2018


No terminology in this advert is intended to discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or belief, and we confirm that we will gladly accept all applications.


PE and Sport Premium Funding for Schools

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What ways can you use your PE and Sport Premium funding?

In September 2017, we reported on the Governments plans to double PE and Sport Premium funding. A decision that we championed here at Red Monkey Play.

As with all these funding pots there are restrictions on the spending so we have put together a simple guide on what this means and how best to invest the funds.

Climbing frames Primary School Children climbing frames toddler uk

How much do I get and what can I spend it on?

Primary Schools with over 17 pupils will receive a minimum of £16000 PE and Sport Premium Funding in 2017/18  (click here for governments guide). Schools are advised that the funding must be used to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that the school offer and this means that schools should use the premium to:

*    Develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
*    Build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

The guidance is quite clear, you can use the funding to improve your play areas and equipment. Using the funding in this way means it will go on to benefit pupils for years to come.

An offer for you!

Therefore, for a limited period we are offering all schools who spend a minimum of £8000 of their PE and Sport Premium Funding with us a FREE BALANCE WEAVE WORTH £399, that means you get ONE FREE EXTRA PIECE OF EQUIPMENT within your project and children can be even more active!

If you would like to find out more about our products and services we offer call us now on 0116 366 9922 to arrange a without obligation free site visit or complete the Online Consultation Form by clicking here.

See below for more details on our products and how we can help.

Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation

How can Red Monkey Help?                                                                   

We are one of the UK’s leading Playground Creation Specialists working with Primary Schools across the Country to provide active, fun and challenging play and learning equipment. Our Physical Development Products are developed to build and encourage physical development and activity.

Trim Trails, Climbing Walls and our Outdoor Gym range are a great way to invest your PE and Sport Premium Funding as they enable primary aged children to develop physically whilst also encouraging and developing motor skills, upper body strength, core strength and balance. Children will be more active, burn more energy and when the items are used as part of everyday activity will help the fight against childhood obesity.

If you want to focus more on Sports Activity then we offer a wide range of Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) products including football and hockey goals, target walls, cricket boards, basketball posts and nets and many more. Playground Markings can help to create activity areas within your existing playgrounds.

This is a subject close to our heart and for many years we have campaigned and supported our young children to be more active, we are delighted to support schools in getting the most from their funding.

Please note this offer is limited so call us now on 0116 3669922 to arrange a without obligation FREE SITE VISIT or complete the Online Consultation Form by clicking here.

Red Monkey’s sponsorship helps children cross the line!

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We are pleased to have sponsored the Oadby and Wigston Primary Schools Cross Country League for the second year running. Red Monkey donated £200 to the event which has enabled the league to buy trophies and medals for the children participating.

The Oadby and Wigston Primary Schools Cross Country League is designed to be fun, innovative and challenging for children aged 7 to 12, with the league being competitive, yet supportive to all athletes. The 2017 league consisted of three races that took place at Wigston Academy, in Leicester on September 14th, October 5th and November 9th.

Sam Conlon, Headteacher at Glenmere Primary School who organises the event commented, “The Oadby and Wigston  Primary Schools Cross Country League was set up in 2016 and over the last two years it has really grown. The feedback from schools and parents about the league has been so positive and it was great to see so many children from different schools in the area competing and winning their races, and a variety of schools having success in the team awards.”

“The support from Red Monkey has been amazing as it has helped us provide end of season trophies for the event,” said Sam, “With Red Monkey’s continued support we are able to make it a real success and send home very happy children and proud parents, who left with their trophies.”

We had already developed a relationship with Sam from sponsoring the Cross-Country League last year, and Managing Director, Simon Winfield, was delighted to be able to provide the trophies for this year’s event. 24 trophies and medals were provided by Red Monkey for 8 different age groups who entered the league.

Simon Winfield explained, “We were extremely proud to sponsor the Oadby and Wigston Primary Schools Cross Country League by donating the trophies. We love getting involved with our local community and this event really helps with children’s development and keeping them active.”

Our latest outdoor classroom – The Earth Pod

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Red Monkey Play have a wide range of wooden outdoor classrooms; however, they have now added their latest version the “Earth Pod”. The outdoor classroom has been inspired by working with schools and nurseries and has a distinct fantasy appeal with large round front doors and round double-glazed window to ensure it is bathed in light.

Crafted from high quality timber the environment created is conducive to learning and really engages children and teachers with both very keen to use it at any opportunity. Natural, earthy and eco themes run throughout the outdoor classroom which is handmade in the Red Monkey factory using sustainable timbers and materials – the outdoor classroom is immersed in light and fully insulated. The “Earth Pod” can be used throughout the year as it retains heat in hotter months, is fully waterproof in winter, yet fresh and cool during summer.

The quirky and appealing design has proven to engage with children offering them something different to their normal learning environment, the ‘pod’ also helps retain children’s interest and concentration in lessons and discussions.

T8C0082 600x400 - Our latest outdoor classroom - The Earth Pod

The Earth Pod, Learning Outdoors, Fun Classroom

Measuring 4m long and 2.5m wide there’s plenty of space for both children and teachers. The outdoor classroom lends itself to a wide range of internal designs – it can be fitted with bench seating, a relaxing reading room or desks and chairs can be added for one-to-one or small group lessons.

As standard, the Earth Pod is finished with a natural wooden exterior, however there is an option to upgrade this to an artificial grass covering. This further increases the fantasy look and appeal which also creates a great sensory texture and with the additional electrics package (which can be added) the ‘pod’ creates the ideal sensory learning area.

Dwayne Toon, Headteacher at Rolleston Primary School said, “we absolutely love our “Earth Pod” outdoor classrooms, the first has proved such a success that we have already added a second to serve as a sensory room to be used by children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) requirements. The individual fantasy design engages children and teachers alike and we are now working with Red Monkey on an internal version because we have found children concentrate and learn much better in this different environment”.

The “Earth Pod” is competitively priced at £6895 + vat and is a very cost-effective option for increasing learning space in schools, many of which are desperate to find additional space rather than using cloakrooms and corridors.

For more information please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 0116 3669922. O for more of our latest products click here

Stunning Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation

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Stunning Aerial Video of Primary School Playground Installation from Red Monkey. Playground Installation featuring a multi-challenge Adventure Climbing frame, football goals and activity boards, outdoor classroom, play stage, artificial grass and sensory surfacing and fabulous Playground markings.

The installation is located at Forest Lodge Primary School in Leicester and we used a drone to capture the quality of the playground installation so that you can see the wide range and quality of Red Monkey Playground installations. To find out what the Head Teacher had to say visit our case study

When planning a playground for Primary School children it is vital to have a range of areas to accommodate the needs and learning requirements of all children. In this Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation  we created an active area with lots of playground markings to help children develop strength and fitness along with motor skills which is adjacent to a real active area incorporating metal “goals” and activity boards which also incorporate Basketball hoops developing a MUGA (Multi use game area) a great feature to keep lots of children active and also provides an area for sports so you could consider incorporating this within your playground as part of you Government PE and Sports Funding progressing through the playground we have an outstanding feature of the adventure Climbing Frame tower which incorporates so many activities that it will keep a whole class of children occupied for hours and also meet the needs of developing fitness and motor skills.

As you will then see from our Aerial View of Primary School Playground Installation we have an outdoor classroom providing an ideal location for outdoor learning and encouraging children to become involved in the environment. For those budding actors and “pop stars” we have included a “stage” encouraging children to become creative and interact with their colleagues alongside which we have a range of outdoor musical instruments to provide the musical accompaniment.

To find out how Red Monkey can help you develop your Playground call our friendly Customer Service Team on 0116 3669922 and arrange your free consultation.



Climbing Frames for Primary School Children

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One of the products that is most requested by people visiting the Red Monkey website or contacting us are Climbing Frames Primary School Children. At Red Monkey we have a wide range of climbing frames for Primary School Children from a simple and easy to use Monkey bars through to our Island Units that incorporate a wide range of climbing features designed to encourage physical development and motor skills in Primary aged children.

In the modern world many schools and teachers have identified that children have a lack of body strength and see this as a key area for development in young children, with normal school play equipment this is difficult to achieve and that is why Red Monkey have developed a range of climbing frames and equipment to develop these key aspects of development. Simon Winfield, Managing Director says “It has become very common for us when visiting schools that teachers express their desire to have equipment for children to develop their upper body strength, in the modern world children are not as active as they have been in the past and this is a real concern for their development, these requests and feedback led us to task our Product Development in developing a range of equipment to meet the needs of the teachers and children”.

Many of the units that have been developed can be found in our brochure which can be downloaded from the website or by clicking here and we continue to develop our range of Climbing frames Primary School Children so if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us by calling 0116 3669922 unfortunately we just cant keep us to date with all of our exciting developments. What we can ensure is a high quality play and learning equipment at affordable prices that has been crafted with care and inspired and development with the help of teaching and education professionals. That means you can rely on Red Monkey to make your decisions easier – read some of our case studies and find out what our customers say.

Want to know more than have a read of this great article on the value of children climbing

Backing Government plans to increase PE and sports premium for primary schools 

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The Department for Education has recently confirmed that the PE and sports premium for primary schools  will double. From September 2017, schools across the country will benefit from a significant amount of extra funding. With all Primary schools receiving a minimum of £16000 PE and sport premium funding.

For a company like us, who work in the interest of young people’s education, the Secretary of State’s announcement came as a relief. The learning development specialists design, manufacture and install outdoor play equipment for schools and nurseries. They’re hoping that they may choose to use the funding for investing in such equipment to keep children active.

Simon Winfield is the Managing Director at Red Monkey.

“The fact that the PE and sport premium for primary schools funding has doubled is fantastic news for children in education, because schools can use this to encourage students to be more involved in healthy activities.”

Schools can use the additional funds to develop or add to the PE and sports activities
that they currently offer. Some may choose to invest in sports coaching, while others
may use the money to install extra equipment that encourage physical activity and development.

With ongoing discussions in the press encouraging young people to become more
active and healthy, the PE and sport premium funding increase comes at a time where change is needed. It
has been argued that children of today are lacking in motor skills, such as balancing,
strength and coordination. Simon works with schools to help primary students in these
key areas.

“We work with many schools where products are needed to help children build up their upper body strength. Equipment such as climbing walls and traverse walls allow children to improve these skills by hanging and supporting their body weight. Our play equipment is designed to give them a challenge with an element of fun at the same time.”

As the Government continues to invest in this area, funding will allow schools to
continue to use physical education and sport as a tool to improve emotional and
physical health and well-being amongst children.

To support this initiative Red Monkey have launched a new Outdoor Gym equipment range specifically designed for Primary School children click here for more information on the range.

As a supplier to schools and as a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association, Simon believes that schools are often under funded for these type of items.

“These are key items that are required in education nowadays, but until now, the funding hasn’t been there. Hopefully the Government will continue to invest and schools will take advantage of this premium increase, improving sports and PE opportunities for young people.”


Red Monkey invest in adult apprenticeship scheme for employees

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We have cause to celebrate as eight of our manufacturing staff complete adult apprenticeships in Business Improvement Techniques.

We have seen great benefits in enrolling in the scheme. Many of our employees who took
part had not received business specific qualifications previously, and we wanted to change this.

Managing director, Simon Winfield said:

“We’re extremely pleased with the outcomes of the apprenticeships. The team now have skills that they can use in their normal working day to help improve the efficiency of the business. It’s helped them to work with their colleagues closer and we’re proud of the hard work and dedication that they have shown throughout their training.”

The twelve-month course required one day of training per week per person, which was
incorporated into their working week. The team gained skills such as project management
and working effectively in a team environment.

Dale Cox was one of the eight employees to complete the course.

“I believe the apprenticeships have really helped the team and the company in general. Personally, I’ve learnt to manage my workload a lot better. I’m also progressing from working on a bench to eventually becoming a team leader, managing my own team.”

Many of our apprentices also gained qualifications in Maths and English, alongside their Business Improvement Techniques qualification. Since completing the course, two new members of staff have expressed an interest in enrolling in the program.

Simon is positive that this will keep them at the forefront of the industry. He hopes that the training gained from the scheme will continue to have a positive impact and prove beneficial to the business.

Selby is very impressed with his daughters play house

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Snooker world champion teams up with Red Monkey to open up to new markets

We have formed a new relationship with Leicester born world snooker champion, Mark Selby, in line with plans to open up to new premium residential markets.

The snooker star was introduced to us at the Leicester Mercury Sports Awards in
January this year. Our MD Simon Winfield and Mark Selby struck up a relationship
that we hope will be beneficial for years to come.

We agreed to design and install a brand new outdoor play house for Selby’s two-year- old daughter Sofia. In return, the snooker legend will be working with us more closely, helping to promote and raise our profile in the area. We are hopeful that the newly formed relationship will bring new business opportunities.

Simon, commented:

Mark has been a pleasure to work with and we believe we have an offering for the
‘Premium Residential’ market. We’re hoping that by continuing to work with Mark, he can
help us develop this aspect of what we can do.

Selby, who was pleased with the professionalism and creativity of the business,

“I’m very impressed with the outdoor play house that Red Monkey have created. My daughter is over the moon, and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for play equipment. Most probably know them for supplying to schools and nurseries, but I believe that there is a huge gap in the residential market for them”.

DSC01773 1 600x400 - Selby is very impressed with his daughters play house


New children’s adventure playground at Sunnyside Garden Centre Ibstock

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Red Monkey are delighted to announce the opening of a new adventure playground play unit at Sunnyside Garden Centre in Ibstock, creating an Adventure Playground for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

DSC01856 600x400 - New children’s adventure playground  at Sunnyside Garden Centre Ibstock

Red Monkey have worked with Alan Ginn, the owner of Sunnyside Garden Centre to install a new and exciting climbing frame which provides children with different challenges to provide hours of fun and excitement, the unit incorporates climbing, sliding, balance and adventure to provide hours of fun

This new initiative is a first for both Red Monkey and Sunnyside Garden Centre, Alan Ginn of Sunnyside Garden Centre said, “We  are delighted with our adventure playground, we wanted to provide our customers and visitors with more reasons to come and visit Sunnyside Garden Centre, many of our customers have young children and this will keep them entertained during their visits and we expect to see more visitors now the play area is open”

Simon Winfield Managing Director of Red Monkey said “we are delighted to be working with Alan and his team at Sunnyside, this is a great new initiative for us and we already have an agreement to further expand the adventure playground in the future. We will be adding further play equipment  which will also be available for purchase through the Garden Centre

The Rainbow adventure unit is one of Red Monkey’s school range which has been developed to provide a wide range of activities including building fitness and strength in schoolchildren, it works perfectly within the Leisure environment and Red Monkey hope this is the start of a new market opportunity and will now be investing in developing and delivering their products to Leisure markets including Garden Centres, Camp Sites, Play Areas, Hotels & Pubs in the future

Red Monkey Products are available to view and order through their website or by calling 0116 3669922.

To find out more about Sunnyside Garden Centre click here


Making your decision easier

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Wooden Play Equipment built to your specifications - Our flexibility makes your decision easier

Bespoke made to measure outdoor wooden play equipment from Red Monkey; we manufacture all of our outdoor wooden play and learning products ourselves at our factory in Leicestershire.

We do this because we believe that children and schools in the UK should be able to benefit from the highest quality UK manufactured wooden play equipment that meet their needs or the size of the area that is available.

We do not believe that you should have to compromise on the equipment that you have within your new play areas, we know that other companies will offer their standard products with no flexibility on size or dimensions. This is not the case at Red Monkey, we can and do build our play equipment to the specific sizes you require, so it is made to measure and bespoke to your own learning area.

Our highly experiences design consultants do just that - they “consult” with you which means we do not detract from your ideas and plans, we listen to your suggestions and plans and add our experience and knowledge to deliver an outstanding play area that meets all the learning needs and is built and installed to your budget.

If you have seen a piece of equipment elsewhere which you have set your heart on but it just too big or small for the area then speak with us – it is very likely we can make something similar that matches the space you have available! If you cannot fit in all the equipment to the space available we can adapt the sizes so you can include what you want!

At Red Monkey nothing is of trouble to us, we have the skills and experience to build any outdoor wooden play equipment you want to your sizes and specifications.

We believe that gives us a real and market leading edge so give us a call and find out how we can create an outstanding outdoor learning space and play area for your school or nursery.

Call now on 0116 3669922 or click here and fill out our contact form