St Peter's Catholic Primary School

The brief

When the Head teacher at St Peter's Mrs Blacklock contacted Red Monkey she had a very clear vision of what she wanted to achieve. The outside of the school was missing a quiet and calming area for pupils and this needed addressing. Our Design Consultant discussed the options available and it was decided the new area should include a sensory experience. The space was originally designed to grow vegetables but had become overgrown and hard to manage. The school had received funds through it's PTA and Tesco to help cover the cost of the project.

The result

St Peter's previously overgrown vegetable plot has been reinvented with a selection of top-quality Red Monkey products and play grass. There is plenty of seating, our Buddy Corner, 8-sided Picnic Bench and Puzzle Bench, for pupil interaction and reflection. We have installed our best selling Canvas Shelter to provide shelter for learning, lunchtimes and play whatever the weather. The play grass flooring is broken up with a calming sensory circle, featuring 4 different textures, synthetic flooring and a metallic reflective ball.


The school proudly showcased their new equipment to parents and children at an Open Day a few weeks after the installation. Here are some of the comments the children made...

'A lovely area, makes me feel calmer', 'Very clever how the seating has been done', 'The flooring is clever and it makes me want to use it'.