Residential Charity Work


Charity is at the heart of Red Monkey and its employees. Supporting local schools & residents to encourage outdoor play with their children is especially important for long term development, and any way we can help – we will! Last year, we were approached by a local family who unfortunately were in a difficult position. Jamie, the father, had received the diagnosis of terminal cancer and the family were rallying around to gain support, as they had recently moved into a house around the corner from our workshop, with little for the children to enjoy.

Unfortunately, Jamie lost his battle with cancer in August 2016. We wanted to help – not only for the children, but for his wife Stacey. Our senior designer Richard, met the family & discussed with the two young girls what sort of outdoor play equipment they would like for their new back garden.

The result

Red Monkey were given free range from Stacey and the children to design and install a wonderful unit for the girls to enjoy. Our fabulous unit consists of a climbing ramp, hideout area and fireman's pole, giving the children the peace and quiet they deserve, along with a fun, exciting outdoor play unit which can be used all year round!

We are happy to report that the installation of the outdoor play unit has now been completed, and to celebrate we hosted an open day at the house, with Leicester Rider's Basketball Player Harrison Gamble, as the special guest. The unit was loved by everyone, and we were more than happy to contribute to such a worthy cause.



At the open day, Stacey expressed her gratitude to Red Monkey Play for donating the outdoor play unit. Both of the girls were so happy with their new piece of play equipment, and had such fun exploring the different features, and showing it to their friends.
 'Red Monkey kindly provided my children with a bespoke treehouse which they use each day. They enjoy the treehouse as it gives them their own space which they use to reflect. The company was very professional, friendly and approachable. They organised the opening of the treehouse with everything from balloons and hats to a local sports star to cut the tape. I was very impressed with Red Monkey and can't thank them enough.'

Stacey Munday