Our Lady's Convent School

The brief

Prior to our visit, the Head Teacher at Our Lady's Convent School met with pupils in the preparatory department to discuss some additional play equipment they would like to have, specifically a slide, towers and monkey bars. The school and the children were keen to have a piece of play equipment which was going to be challenging. The project was undertaken by the school in partnership with the PTA as it had been identified that there was a lack of facilities and play equipment for some of the younger children.

The result

After meeting with the Head Teacher, we needed to create a unit that was as high as the safer surfacing would allow, as well as including trapeze handles rather than the standard monkey bars. Our design team took the components the children wanted to include and developed a bespoke double tower unit incorporating a net climber within the play equipment. The Our Lady Convent School Equipment 3D Design was shared with the school and PTA. After careful consideration the design was approved and Red Monkey was given the go-ahead to build the unit.

As well as matching the pupil's requirements, the custom-made unit adhered to Health and Safety requirements. We manufactured the bespoke unit that was tested at the factory to ensure it complied with all safety aspects and installed at the school within a 5-week period.


Needless to say, the school are ecstatic with their new piece of unique play equipment:

''We found Red Monkey to be exceptionally easy to do business with. They were friendly, flexible and highly understanding of our needs. The installation of our play equipment was carried out efficiently and to a high standard. Our Primary School pupils are delighted with their new play equipment and we are most grateful to Red Monkey.''

Dr Julian Murphy - Head Teacher at Our Lady's Convent School