Highfields Primary Academy

The brief

The Red Monkey team were contacted by the school's EYFS and KS1 Leader Kim Davies. Kim wanted to develop the outdoor space in the centre of the school, which was covered in natural turf and therefore couldn't be used all year round. She had looked through our catalogue and saw some of our fantastic equipment which would look great at Highfields.

The result

After meeting with Kim, Richard created a stimulating design to engage the schools youngest children. The outdoor area was zoned off for Messy, Sand and Water Play - incorporating our best selling interactive lines. Play grass and mulch flooring was installed across the space so children could enjoy outdoor play all year round. To top off the flooring several thermoplastic markings were added to encourage Literacy and Numeracy.


We were delighted with our improved EYFS area, the products are high quality and are used imaginatively by the children. Red Monkey staff were helpful, approachable and easy to communicate with.”

Mrs Lucy Carlisle - Head of Academy at Highfields