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Best Outdoor Primary School Play Equipment

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Choosing the right play equipment for your primary school is an important decision. It’s a place where students can develop their learning in a fun and creative way and improve their physical, emotional and cognitive development. You want to choose a playground that stimulates them and that will improve their confidence in the classroom. 

Although the students may not be fully aware of it, by using and engaging with outdoor equipment they will be developing a wide range of skills and help them achieve their learning goals. 

If you want to learn about some of the best outdoor primary school play equipment, read on and find out.

Sports and Fitness Play Equipment

When you first think of outdoor play equipment, it’s easy to think of excited children running wild and letting loose. While children need to let off some steam, there are ways in which outdoor play equipment can be used so that children are engaging in physical play more effectively. 

Physical play is an amazing way for children to improve their coordination, build their muscle strength and become overall more physically fit. Investing in sports and fitness playground equipment can support this and is an amazing way to boost their endorphin levels and help them understand how physical activity will keep their heart and body healthy. 

Sports and fitness playground equipment can range from climbing walls to monkey bars as well as tennis balls and rackets. This will allow them to channel their competitive side and determination on the playground.

Outdoor Sensory Equipment

Once children reach primary school, they begin to socialise with other children both in and out of the classroom. Playtime is a great time for children to socialise and interact with other children as they can learn to share, express ideas and follow rules.

Outdoor sensory equipment is a great way for children to improve their social skills. Sensory equipment allows them to use all five of their senses and discover new things that they can discuss with their friends. For example, they can talk about different sounds, textures and then discuss what they have learnt to each other.

Role Play Equipment 

As children grow older, it’s important they use their imagination and can express themselves freely. It doesn’t matter how confident they are, their imagination should have no boundaries and they should be able to express themselves however they like.

A great way of letting their imagination run away with them is through role play. Role play equipment encourages children to create a storyline through characters in different situations and scenarios.

The outdoor equipment can help to set the scene, for example having a pirate ship or magical castle. Or it can be as simple as having an open stage where they need to think about who they want to play and the environment around them. When exploring this notion in groups this can help their creativity expand further as they can bounce creative ideas off of each other.

Interactive Playground Equipment 

Play to most of us means having fun and enjoying yourselves, however, this doesn’t mean that children can’t work towards something or there be an end goal. This type of play is known as constructive play and is explored mainly when children create or build something.

The best types of outdoor equipment to support this learning are things like a sandpit or building blocks. For example, children can use the sandpit to make sandcastles or dig the deepest hole. Similarly, they can use building blocks to build the highest tower – this is all examples of constructive play. 

During playtime, they can engage with this type of play on their own or with their friends. If done in small groups, they will naturally develop their communication and problem-solving skills as they will have to work together to ensure they are achieving the best result.

What’s great about using these examples of outdoor equipment is that they are great for children of any age and can increase complexity as they grow older.

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