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Backing Government plans to increase PE and sports premium for primary schools 

Boys playing football at school on a multi use games area pitch

The Department for Education has recently confirmed that the PE and sports premium for primary schools  will double. From September 2017, schools across the country will benefit from a significant amount of extra funding. With all Primary schools receiving a minimum of £16000 PE and sport premium funding.

For a company like us, who work in the interest of young people’s education, the Secretary of State’s announcement came as a relief. The learning development specialists design, manufacture and install outdoor play equipment for schools and nurseries. They’re hoping that they may choose to use the funding for investing in such equipment to keep children active.

Simon Winfield is the Managing Director at Red Monkey.

“The fact that the PE and sport premium for primary schools funding has doubled is fantastic news for children in education, because schools can use this to encourage students to be more involved in healthy activities.”

Schools can use the additional funds to develop or add to the PE and sports activities
that they currently offer. Some may choose to invest in sports coaching, while others
may use the money to install extra equipment that encourage physical activity and development.

With ongoing discussions in the press encouraging young people to become more
active and healthy, the PE and sport premium funding increase comes at a time where change is needed. It
has been argued that children of today are lacking in motor skills, such as balancing,
strength and coordination. Simon works with schools to help primary students in these
key areas.

“We work with many schools where products are needed to help children build up their upper body strength. Equipment such as climbing walls and traverse walls allow children to improve these skills by hanging and supporting their body weight. Our play equipment is designed to give them a challenge with an element of fun at the same time.”

As the Government continues to invest in this area, funding will allow schools to
continue to use physical education and sport as a tool to improve emotional and
physical health and well-being amongst children.

To support this initiative Red Monkey have launched a new Outdoor Gym equipment range specifically designed for Primary School children.

As a supplier to schools and as a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association, Simon believes that schools are often under funded for these type of items.

“These are key items that are required in education nowadays, but until now, the funding hasn’t been there. Hopefully the Government will continue to invest and schools will take advantage of this premium increase, improving sports and PE opportunities for young people.”

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