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Top Autumn Activities For Children

autum outdoor playground equipment

Explore the outdoors!

Now that we are fully into Autumn why don’t you get the children involved in
some outdoor activities in order to introduce them to Autumn and nature?
Below we have given a few examples of how you can get the children outside
and in touch with nature during the colder months of the year. Use our products
to help guide and extend the possibilities of exploring…

Get prepared for Spring!

Introduce your children to the wonderful world of gardening by planting bulbs
in preparation for Spring now!

Our wonderful Square Planter is the perfect addition to any nature area
– allowing children the opportunity to plant their own bulbs and watch as
they start to bloom in Spring!

Get outside this Autumn!

Why not encourage children outdoors with our Bug Garden to discover new
creepy crawlies in a fun and interactive way?
Our unit provides ample opportunity as the timber unit is full of untreated
logs – guaranteed to attract some interesting creatures.

Get muddy, get messy!

Pave the way to the wonderful world of messy play!
Put on your wellies and explore nature! There is a lot to discover!
Collect leaves and make a collage, or simply splash in the mud!
Integrating outdoor activities all year round helps students understand more than
just the weather. Use our wellie tree for storage after a wonderful time exploring!

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