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3 Ways Of Creating The Perfect Spring Playground

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The cold and snow (finally!) seem to be over with, and we’re well into spring. With brighter weather on the horizon, your school playground is the perfect place for children to get out and enjoy what Spring has to offer, as well as being a chance for them to get some fresh air after their lessons.

Every playground is different of course, but with a little decoration and some creative touches, creating a playground that your pupils will love is easier than you might think. Here are some top tips, courtesy of the Red Monkey team.

DIY art using logs and rocks

Spare logs and rocks present a unique way for your pupils to express their creativity. They have been the home of stunning artwork for generations, so why not teach the new aspiring artists in your school outside in the Spring sunshine with logs and rocks as their canvas.

Their creations could be used to add a splash of colour to your playground whilst getting your pupils working together and giving them encouragement. And like many of the great artists, they’ll be inspired by taking the art lesson outside.

To bring even more colour to your playground, why not take a look at our thermoplastic playground markings. Our Number Grid and Hopscotch Squares are vibrant, durable, and can brighten up your space, creating an area that pupils can enjoy all-year round.

Not your average stuck-in-the-mud

Who remembers that playground favourite, stuck-in-the-mud? It might be fun for lunchtime, but

what about literally getting hands stuck into mud and soil? Gardening lessons can teach pupils the importance of where their food comes from as well as giving them a sense of responsibility. And there’s no better time to start learning than in Spring!

Not only that, but practical science lessons and gardening brings the whole class together and lets them connect with nature. There are so many possibilities with outside science lessons and here at Red Monkey Play we can help create an engaging lesson for everyone to enjoy!

Our outside planter Bugs Life & Planter not only gives your pupils a place where they can plant and tend to seeds, but also attracts the local creepy-crawlies which is great for them to learn about the creatures they share the garden with at home. And with other planter boxes available, you can add life to your playground as well as motivating your pupils to get practical in the lessons.

Go big or go home-time

To truly transform your playground and make a difference in your pupils’ learning experience, Outdoor Classrooms provide a different yet interactive place to add something different to your lessons.

Taking the lesson outside is a sure-fire way to get your pupils engaged in your lesson, plus a change from the everyday classroom is an exciting opportunity for them. Whether you’re just looking for a comfortable space for small group sessions or the full classroom experience with a larger class, outdoor classrooms can also be comfortable places for your pupils to relax.

Each one of our outdoor classrooms is made from the best quality material so that even when the rainy weather returns, you can still enjoy using your space. And with products designed and built according to your own unique requirements, transforming your playground into a real learning hub couldn’t be easier!

Putting enjoyment into education

There is so much you can achieve through having a fun playground. And giving pupils the chance to enjoy their time learning at school is at the heart of what we do here at Red Monkey Play.

Ready to transform your playground this Spring? Get in Contact we would love to hear from you.

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