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10 Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

outdoor gym equipment

It’s so important for young, developing children to have the chance to get outside and exercise. The fresh air is perfect for children’s sensory development, exposing them to fresh sights and smells whilst the exercise gets their blood pumping, their minds working and their bodies moving, ideal for physical development.

Exercise doesn’t need to be viewed as a gruelling chore – instead, it should be made a fun and inspiring activity with the use of exciting outdoor gym equipment! Schools across the UK can help to change children’s views on exercise by investing in safe, high quality and fun outdoor gym equipment for schools from Red Monkey Play.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a whole host of benefits associated with outdoor gym equipment! We’re here to highlight some of the most important ones, so you can see how outdoor gym equipment for schools can be used to positively impact young people’s lives during their years of education.

  1. Increase Energy Levels

Children are naturally so full of energy and life. After a quick session on some outdoor gym equipment, their blood will be pumping and they’ll have the mental energy they need to complete their school day. Also, exercising can be a great way to shake off some afternoon tiredness.

2. Improve Mental Wellbeing

School can be a challenging time for some young students. Exercise is a proven way to combat stress and release any negative energy, leaving little one’s feeling a little bit more relaxed. This effect is emphasised when done outside, as the sun works wonders for our moods!

3. Improve Concentration

Long and intense comprehension lessons can undoubtedly make children feel a little tired and they may lose concentration. A quick session on some outdoor gym equipment and their brain fog will be cleared, leaving them ready to concentrate in the classroom once more.

4. Helps Sleep Schedules

Some children can be much more hyper than others, and they may not get the chance to burn off all that excess energy during the day at school. If they blast out some of their energy on some outdoor gym equipment, they’ll come home feeling more relaxed after having spent that energy.

5. Acquire Healthy Habits

If children start exercising at school during the week, they may be more likely to want to exercise on the weekends too. This is fantastic for building healthy habits, and it could even develop into a proper hobby for some sports enthusiasts!

6. Improve Motor Skills

Often, outdoor gym equipment for schools incorporates hand-eye coordination skills. This kind of equipment can test children’s motor skills and help them to develop.

7. Healthy Competition

Encouraging children to participate in sports, even just by using the gym equipment, can help them to build a healthy and valuable level of competitiveness. It can also help overly-competitive children to learn some sportsmanship.

8. Improve Self-Esteem

Children may start to develop their own insecurities during school ages. Exercising can help them to combat any insecurities they have and leave them feeling confident, healthy and happy in the mind and body.

9. Encourage Communication

Many forms of outdoor gym equipment for schools incorporate the use of collaboration and/or communication to be able to work. This is a fantastic way to get children to work on their spoken English and communication skills, even when outside of the classroom.

10. Rekindle the love of Sports and P.E

And finally, by making P.E a fun and engaging time with the use of engaging equipment, children can begin to fall in love with sports and fitness again. You never know, you could have our future’s next Olympians sat in your classroom!

Get in touch with us today for more information on our range of play equipment, including our outdoor gym equipment for schools. We have years of experience in providing safe and fun equipment that’s perfect for use in schools and parks, and we’d love to be able to transform your school playground with some fab and fun new outdoor gym equipment.

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