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outdoor furniture for primary school Discovery Tables



The playground is a space not just for active play, but a safe haven where children can relax, make friends, and learn. Red Monkey Play produce a wide range of outdoor furniture for the Primary school and nursery. Our Furniture range provides essential seating and a comfortable environment for children, parents and teachers to bond and communicate. Storage solutions teach children the importance of self-care, organisation, and keeping safe. Our Reading Chair is only slightly smaller than the coronation throne at Westminster Abbey. Who will be your king or queen for the day?

Wellie Tree

L: 1.5m W: 0.3 H: 1.5 m

Our wellie tree unit is a unique and interesting way for children to store their wellies. An essential and brilliant storage solution, our handmade wellie trees come with wheels, so can be easily transported. Wellie trees are a playground essential, they help to promote independence and self-care.

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Wellie Tree for the storage of childrens wellingtons in primary schools and nurseries

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Buddy bench seating for children in primary schools and nurseries

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Buddy Bench

L: 1.2m W: 0.5m H: 0.8m

Every school or nursery should have one of these. Buddy benches provide children with a place to sit if they are looking for playmates, and they are great for facilitating social interaction and can help children to make new friends.

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Adult Reading Chair

L: 0.8m W: 0.7m H: 1.5m

An essential piece of kit for any outdoor story-telling and reading area, which can be used by adults and children alike. Reading chairs are a focal point for sharing stories outdoors, helping children to embrace social skills and develop reading and literacy skills in an outdoor setting.

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Marriott Primary School children playing in reading chair

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Children playing with an adventure playground storage unit

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Play Storage

L: 2.04m W: 1.5m H: 1.0m

Our play storage units are designed to keep your play equipment safe, secure, and protected from the elements. These multifunctional units provide an ideal storage solution. When they aren’t being used for storage, they can also be transformed into creative play spaces.

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